Roll up your sleeves and find your inner motor-man…or woman. We’re about to get technical with the importance of taking care of a wear part we so often wait till the last minute to service. We are talking about your UTV drive belt.

A drive belt is a key element to having a successful ride experience regardless of how you ride. Some crusaders are good with OEM belts. However, if you embark on any of the rough stuff or are accustomed to heavy loads, the factory part just won’t do. Aftermarket drive belts are formed with advanced engineering and cutting-edge technology that vastly increases the drivetrain’s structural integrity and function.



The drive belt is more or less the communicator of the bunch. This assembly provides the power transfer between your motor/transmission to the other parts of the machine. In layman’s terms, it tells the buggy to go when you push the pedal. Ensuring your drive belt is intact is a must because the machine will not function without it.

Aftermarket drive belts come in all different flavors depending on your taste of terrain. For those who tend to ride aggressively, a heavy-duty offroad Trinity, even a Ultimax drive belt is a must. However, if you’re handling farm business or casual trailing, a standard CVT drive belt from Super ATV or Quad Boss will do. Being aware of your specific ride demands will help you choose the right side by side driveline part to optimize performance.


Why don’t we break down the differences between these SxS drivetrain parts to better understand contrasting design elements to get you pointed in the right direction?


Standard CVT Belts

Don’t let the word “standard” mislead you. Even a “standard” aftermarket belt is significantly more rigid than an OEM component. These are generally constructed with medium-grade Aramid compounds with a more defined cog design. It’s load and heat-resistance are much higher than a factory unit, which means it’s less likely to shred with your day to day activities. The stock replacement drive belts are ideal for farming, ranching, and casual trailing.

Brands: Super ATV, Moose, Dayco, High Lifter, Quad Boss, Ultimax


Heavy-Duty Drive Belts

A heavy-duty drive belt speaks for itself. You can expect more flexibility and heat-resistance when it comes to these high-grade Aramid compound and fiber blends. These assemblies also have inner and outer cog design that offer better gripping for instant throttle response. You can expect fewer belt variables with more load and abuse capacity. They are just right for pushing the limits on trails, open spaces, or mudding.

Brands: Ultimax, Trinity Racing, Quad Boss


Extreme-Duty Drive Belts

It sounds intense because it is intense. The extreme drive belts are designed to handle abuse like nothing available on the market. These aftermarket parts are manufactured with higher-tensile strength cordage and high-temperature, heat-resistant fibers and compounds. The UTV drive belts are made not to buckle under pressure. In fact, many of the typical belt failures are eliminated. If you like to send it when you shouldn’t, crawl rock, or trekking through the neck-deep bogs, then this is the drive belt for you.

Brands: Ultimax, Trinity Racing



Servicing your rig doesn’t have to be a pain-in-the… Especially once you know what you need to meet your individual demands. By selecting the right SxS drive belt for your Polaris, Can Am, Yamaha, Kawasaki, or nearly any other machine application, you will improve performance by getting the horsepower gains necessary for your ride. Plus, you won’t have to fork out money for damaged goods as often because you’ll have the appropriate component for your needs.


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