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Please, Seat Yourself: UTV Heated Seats

UTV heated seats are a great idea for the winter months! Spending time in your UTV can be so much easier and more comfortable. Invest in the luxury of heated seats for year round comfort. Here are a few great brands to consider when choosing a way to heat your seat.

PRP Grand Prix Custom Seats – These custom seats are the perfect for your whole body. Their comfort lining paired with the plastic seat pan, gives the perfect framing to your front seat. Extra options are available for the set of chairs, such as extra wide sizes, heated seats, and a 2 liter water pack.

PRP Custom Front Bench Seat – If you have a Polaris RZR, this front bench seat could be the perfect custom fit. This bench is unconventional in the way that it is truly two chairs together, so that each person can have their individual space. Options for this front bench seat include heated seats, on-the-go water pack, and adjustable lumbar support.

Seat Warmers by Heat Demon – This last option will fit any traditional seats. These seat warmers can fit anywhere that there is a seat cover. Simply hook up to your cooling unit and you’re ready for all weather in your comfortably heated seats!

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