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Kolpin Quick Mount Winch for UTVs


There are a ton of aftermarket accessories that will increase the way you ride. Let’s talk about confidence for a moment. Suppose you’re staring down the barrel of a massive bounty hole. You’ve got the nerve to send it. However, your car has other ideas. One of two things will happen. You will either rooster tail your way through it or find yourself stuck like chuck. Hence, the reason a Kolpin Quick Mount Winch for UTVs is a necessity.

Though we gave you one scenario, these SxS winches will come in handy. There are limitless others in tow. Say, for instance, you’ve been wrangling cattle, and your wifey calls to tell you she’s done run the mower into the ditch. Boy, would it cause a lot less friction if you could crank out the task of towing her out with a UTV winch mounted to your Honda or Polaris!

The question at hand isn’t whether you need this aftermarket accessory. More like which one will meet your ride demands and won’t be a pain in the rear to mount up. Thus, one of the many reasons the Kolpin quick mount winch is one of our favorites.

This side-by-side winch comes with a 3,000- or 4,500-pound motor, perfect for those “we went to deep” moments. In addition to the strength, its exterior has a build built for battle with the ability to withstand down to -20 degrees Fahrenheit temps. Also included in this kit is a premium rubber winch stop, dash mount control switch, and a handheld remote. Plus, it’s pre-assembled and pre-wired. Now that’s something worth getting excited about, eh? 

Does it get any better than that? Shop Kolpin UTV quick-mount winches at Side By Side Stuff.

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