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Meet Your Demon Team | We Build Hell Rated Performance Products


Who the heck are these guys? This team puts the edge in UTV hard parts like axles, ball joints, and lift kits. Demon Powersports are rockstars in the community when dishing out side-by-side hard parts that don’t buckle under pressure. They build their biz around offering a high-quality product for both racers and day-to-day riders.


The Demon Powersports team has been firmly planted in the off-road community for over ten years. Their need for heavy-duty UTV parts derived from their own needs as they are accustomed to some of the most treacherous terrain conditions on the planet. In the thickets of Canada, not just any side-by-side axle will do. Thus, the birth of Demon Powersports.


These guys are driven and passionate about the rigidity and reliability of aftermarket parts. We’d say they’ve accomplished their mission as pro racers from around the world use the Demon Powersports axles and ball joints to cross the finish line. What’s more, these racers are just as enthusiastic about the performance value as the Demon team. 


Side By Side Stuff is super stoked to get a formal introduction to the crew behind the rock-solid performance parts. We love that they came straight out the gate, showing us who they are and what they are about: Shredding terrain, raising the bar, and putting their foot to the floor.


Elevate your ride quality. Shop Demon Powersports parts and accessories at Side By Side Stuff.


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