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MTX 2022 SXS Adventure Rally Recap

What is the SXS Adventure Rally?

Nothing says adventure like a trip to Sand Hollow Park in Hurricane, Utah. That was this year’s host to the 2022 SXS Adventure Rally on the Rocks, otherwise known as ROTR. This main off-road event features guided trail rides, crawl challenges, vendors, jamboree specials, and more.

Sand Hollow consists of 6,000-acres of prime ride real estate. We’re talking rock gardens for days and a mixture of terrain fitting for nearly any ride style. Every year enthusiasts get stocked for the ROTR circuit, and why wouldn’t they?

MTX Audio Does It Up Right

Sand Hollow offers up some of the ultimate send scenarios. And, of course, MTX was all over that biz. Not even notorious The Chute obstacle held them back. They were climbing like a boss and pinning the needle with no fear.

You know they were all done up with the good stuff. MTX Audio is an industry leader in UTV sound systems of all shapes and sizes. When they say they are “serious about sound,” they aren’t messing around. MTX offers high-sound quality from universal units to model-specific kits. As a matter of fact, the Thunder Kits, their newest beat blasting system is taking the off-road community by storm. However, they’ve got much more up their sleeve.

Included Options 
  • Universal Packages
  • Model Specific Systems
  • Sound Bars
  • Amplifiers
  • Media Players
  • Speakers
  • Sub Woofers
  • Accessories


For superior ride experience, whether at an event or hanging out with your roady crew, fell the thunder with MTX Audio UTV sound systems at Side By Side Stuff.

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