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Seizmik Halo RA Cast and RA LED Rear View Mirrors for UTVs & Side By Sides


There isn’t a ride enthusiast on the planet that enjoys doing yoga while trying to back up their buggy. Unfortunately, these offroad cars do not come with optical clarity for going in reverse. Don’t even get us started on blind spots. Hence, the reason Side By Side Stuff is a huge fan of the Seizmik Halo RA Cast and Halo RA LED Rear View Mirrors. These suckers have solid structural integrity, function, and aesthetics.

Seizmik has been an industry leader for years! Though they manufacture tons of UTV accessories for both thrill-seekers, hunters, and workers, their mirrors are one of the hottest commodities. These particular units are solid cast aluminum housing complete with a powder-coated finish. To say they’ve got the grit to handle treacherous conditions is an understatement. The SxS Seizmik Halo RA Cast & Halo RA LED Rear View Mirrors for UTVs  and side by sides also have stainless steel hardware and convex high optic glass. How’s that for durability.

The function behind these assemblies is just as rad as the build. Seizmik includes low-profile clamps, which makes these aftermarket rearview mirrors compatible with other UTV accessories. They’ve also tossed in ball stud lock bolts that keep the component from vibrating all over the place as you ride. We call that a win in itself. Furthermore, the convex glass provides an outstanding wide viewing range. Again, WIN.



If you are still on the fence about investing in these side-by-side rearview mirrors, let us leave you with this. Seizmik is so convinced that these accessories have the grit to get. They’ve backed them with a lifetime warranty. Okay, we know what you’re thinking, gang. What if you nail it with a round while out on a hunt. Unquestionably, it’s covered. It doesn’t matter if a cow kicks it, though we may question why a cow was in your cab. Nonetheless, it’s covered!

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