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Put Your UTV or ATV To Work With the Groundhog Max


As more and more ATV/UTVs become a staple at construction sites, firehouses, farms, ranches, and homeowners adding utility to the mix requires ready to work accessories. The Bad Dawg Accessories Groundhog Max ATV and UTV Disc Plow system will do just that.

To say this side-by-side accessory is a workhorse is an understatement. Till soil for your food plot or prep soil for a garden, sure. But it’s designed to do more than just yard work.

Bad-Dawg-Ground-Hog-Max 01

This unique implement is also equipped to:
  • Wild Game Food Plots
  • Landscaping
  • Fire Defense
  • General Discing Uses
  • Preppers and Survivalist Tool
  • Ranch and Farm Use


Wild Game: Effortlessly creates food plots for wild game like deer, elk, and duck. It can also be used for “ground disturbance” for turkey and quail.

Landscaping: Makes gardening, small sod jobs, and any light discing jobs easy with your ATV, UTV or even with zero turn mowers.

Fire Defense: Offers DIY firebreaks, weed control, and fire defense.

General Use: Grooming and dragging Motor Cross tracks, roads, driveways, baseball fields, and beaches.

Survival: Works for many emergency situations for DIY discing.

Bad-Dawg-Ground-Hog-Max 02

As you see, this ATV and UTV disc plow is not a one trick pony. It even allows you to get to remote places or wet marshy lands. A traditional plow can’t reach those gnarly scenarios. This off-road attachment is tough with a performance capacity unlike any other unit on the market.

Above the ability to tackle tasks on poor terrain conditions, the kit delivers a multitude of duties. The bottom line, it’s more than the obvious gardening accessory. Even firehouses around the country are putting this aftermarket disc plow to work, managing field fires.

The possibilities are endless!

How will this aftermarket accessory fit your machine?

What’s great about this Bad Dawg Accessories disc plow is the diversity of fitment. This kit comes in two packages, according to your machine application. In any case, the system requires a 2-inch well braced square receiver. Most sxs’ come stock with this receiver.

However, if you are not sporting a stock 2-inch receiver, you’re in luck. The Groundhog MAX product will fit using other methods.


Bad-Dawg-Ground-Hog-Max 03

Which fitment option works best for you?
  • Fits any ATV or UTV if you already have an existing strong square 2-inch receiver on your bike. (Plow only)
  • Fits ATV or UTV (year model 2000+) with purchase of a strong square 2-inch bolt-on aftermarket receiver hitch online (buy it year/make/model specific). Older than 2000 DIY.
  • Fits most Polaris and Honda work and ranch type ATV. This hitch kit converts existing 3/4-inch utility holes or the weak 1-1/4-inch receiver to a strong square 2-inch receiver. (Plow with a hitch kit included in the box)

Bad-Dawg-Ground-Hog-Max 04


Proven product sold since 2007

  • No kit Weighs 43 lbs.
  • With kit weighs 69 lbs. and comes fully assembled.
  • Kit is a bolt on type you must assemble on your unit.
  • Comes fully assembled.
  • Easy to transport and store
  • Plow between 4-7 MPH in looping circles and figure 8’s.
  • Made from high intensity heavy quarter-inch wall steel
  • Working width of 21 inches
  • Graduated notched discs sizes are 8, 9 and 10 inches with high-speed (double sealed, deep grove) ball bearing bolted to disc with anti-slide bolts
  • Discs are mounted on a ¾-inch steel axle
  • Between each of the disc blades the axle itself is encased in a glove-fit 1-inch steel pipe
  • Perfect for 2 and 4-wheel drive machines with IRS and straight axle.
  • One-man operation
  • Maneuver in tight spots because you can back up with the plow engaged.
  • Allows use of lower CC air cooled only units, but you are able to plow at faster speeds, so you and your unit stay cooler.
  • Adjustable height control, in 1-inch increments. The T-Head can be flipped up-side down (for even more adjustment) allowing you to use it on machines with either low or high ground clearance.
  • Compact design allows rust free inside storage without ratchets or tires.
  • 90-day manufacturer’s warranty.

Bad-Dawg-Ground-Hog-Max 05

We couldn’t be more impressed with the UTV and ATV disc plow system. It’s diverse, offers outstanding utility, and is durable enough to withstand just about anything you through at it. What’s not to want?

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