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Shawn “Shine” Saunders and his custom 2008 Yamaha Rhino.

Shawn “Shine” Saunders
Shreveport, LA
2008 Yamaha Rhino

With so many new bikes coming out these days by all the big manufacturers, it’s no surprise that everywhere you look you find people customizing the latest models. We love seeing brand new rigs getting the custom treatment and enjoy seeing what creative ideas people come up with. It’s not too often that a 6 year old rig will turn heads like a brand new rig but that’s exactly what Shawn Saunders and his 2008 Yamaha Rhino does!

While attending the 2014 Labor Day fest at Muddy Bottoms ATV and Recreation Park we spotted the super clean and very shiny Rhino and had to stop and take a look. Shawn, his friends call him Shine, takes immaculate care of his rig which started out as a factory green machine. Every part on his rig has been either painted, plated, powder coated or replaced with billet all in the color scheme of Louisiana State University colors, purple and gold. Shine is a avid supporter of LSU sports and had a vision of his Rhino sporting an LSU theme.

Shine has one of the nicest rigs out there and has had a ton of custom work done to it. To be able to fit the 32″ STI Outback Max tires under the rig required a 8″ CATVOS lift to be installed. To keep the tires spinning, Shine added dual exhaust, aftermarket intake, electronic power commander box and a clutch kit. To keep the All Terrain Audio top and Wet Sounds speakers going required adding three Optima Yellow Top batteries with an onboard charger.

Shine truly has a unique rig that he has made his own and turned into a real head turner. He has shown us that the classics can still easily look as good as the new models if you have a vision and execute that vision well.

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