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Gear Driven Performance – The Next Step in Off-Road Evolution

We’ve all heard it: “Go big or go home”.   Going big can have its disadvantages and potentially be the reason you’re going home.  While a lift kit and larger tires are ideal for anyone who wants the look and feel of a big muddin’ machine, this can cause stress on your axles, belt, differential, and drive train components, not to mention running taller tires, resulting in higher gearing and a loss of performance. Not anymore. Super ATV has brought a game changing solution to the industry with Gear Driven Performance Portal Lifts.

GDP is a 4” portal gear lift system that allows you to retain your power while running larger tires with a 1.4:1 gear reduction (approximately 30%). Gear Driven Performance accomplishes this without putting additional stress on your machine. GDP vertically relocates the axle centerline in relation to the wheel while retaining factory steering geometry.

5“The concept is fantastic: a gear reduction kit!” explained Lindsay Hunt, Super ATV’s VP of Sales. “We have a great team who really put their heads together to see what the market wanted and what our customers were asking for.”

Side By Side Stuff spoke with Super ATV’s senior team about the release of their new Gear Driven Performance Portal Lift system. Stephen Sheets, National Sales Manager explained that Super ATV has transferred over 10 years of suspension engineering into this innovative design which is the most comprehensive gear lift kit on the market today.

“Over the last two years we’ve worked hard to deliver a portal gear lift that our customers are looking for. We were confident we could engineer a product that was going to be better than what is currently on the market,” explained Sheets.


Jordan Stephan, Quality Engineer, told us that Super ATV builds their products with a focus on quality. Their GDP system utilizes press fit, precision ground gears to reduce friction which will generate less heat and noise, allowing you to run at higher speeds and at optimal performance. A first for the UTV industry, GDP utilizes an automotive grade thrust bearing that is specifically designed to take an axial load (left to right wheel load ) as well as a radial load (downward force due to the weight of the machine). Unlike portal gear lifts in the past, Super ATV has no restrictions with GDP. This product is designed to get the full potential out of your rig for any type of riding style in any kind of terrain.

3“We have done a lot of testing, a lot of riding and really abused them. One of the goals we had was to have a nearly indestructible product, and we wanted to be able to ride in all types of terrain, not just mud. We wanted to be able to actually rock bounce with them, putting them through some abuse, so that’s what we’ve been doing,” explained Stephan. “We have been road testing to see if we’re getting any heat buildup or if there is anything to worry about. As of yet we have not found any limitations.  We have had machines running 70 miles an hour down the road with no problem.”

Justin Eaton, Lead Engineer also added, “We spent a lot of time doing basic tolerance analysis to make sure all of our bearings retain proper fitment, all of our gears are meshing and making sure everything works perfectly with each. We worked hard to keep heat buildup to a minimum plus the aluminum housing dissipates heat a lot quicker than steel. The gears are precision ground, so they are really smooth which also allows for rolling instead of grinding on the teeth themselves. We also did a lot of market research on seal materials and types of seals.  We’re pretty confident in our seals.”

Lindsay Hunt explained that the precision ground gears have a big impact. The noise reduction and the speed capability is something that definitely sets GDP apart.

Hunt continued, “We’re not just focusing on Can-Am and Polaris, this is just phase one of our product launch. Customers can expect to see kits for Viking, Pioneer, Wolverine and Teryx, pretty much the entire spectrum of UTVs.”

4If you can follow instructions and know how to turn a wrench, you can install a GDP portal lift system. Super ATV estimates the time to install a system is 7 to 10 hours for the average home mechanic and with the help of a second person that time would be reduced. The kit ships with four bolt patterns and three different size wheel studs, allowing you to change the bolt pattern to accommodate any wheel you choose to install, even a Can-Am wheel on a Polaris etc.

Customer service is a top priority for Super ATV. “We’re excited to have a team of experts in house. We took our customer service team offsite for additional training to give them hands on experience with our products.” Hunt continued, “Getting a trained team that really understands what is going on is vital.”

For more information on Gear Driven Performance go to the Super ATV brand page at

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About Super ATV

Super ATV is a privately owned company located in Madison, Indiana, specializing in ATV and side by side parts and accessories. Since the company got its start in early 2003, Super ATV has grown from a small family business working out of a garage, to one of the leading companies in the ATV and UTV industry. Their current warehouse is a massive 232,000 square feet which includes a shop, offices, a test facility and a knowledgeable, energetic staff.  Their engineers and fabricators work closely with their design team to provide the most functional and best looking products on the market. Super ATV has built a reputation by offering quality products at great prices, a wide selection and a unique product line. Everything you see on their website is their own design and inventoried at their warehouse. To learn more about Super ATV, visit or call 855-743-3427.

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    1. We know they are at least a few months out, we will try to get you a more accurate answer as soon as we can.

    1. Ernie, we checked with Super ATV and at this time they do not have an ETA of when the Viking GDP will be released.

    1. So they gonna advertise something but not offer it for purchase. Super Atv just informed that the portals aren’t available for the arctic cat prowler so why go through the trouble of producing and advertising a product your not gonna offer to the public. Guess you only matter if u ride a Polaris and Cam-am product.

  2. So just to let everyone know super atv will pick and choose what and when they will warranty parts like a portal has a lifetime warranty but only if they want it to I broke a portal shaft and they will not just send out one shaft and because they sent me the updated shafts in April and they say their no way I broke one

    1. Hello Carson, we looked into this with Super ATV and unfortunately there are no current plans in the works for this product for the Rhino 660.

  3. I need 4 inch portals for my 600z6-ex. Will the ones in this forum fit it? If so where can I buy them?

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