Nothing beats the raw thrill of taking your side by side UTV off road into muddy terrain. You can kick mud up and over your ride, and roar down the beaten path at high speeds. While great off-road handling is one of the strengths of a side by side, there are those among us who like to walk even further on the wild side and drive across harsh, rocky, or overgrown trails.

If you want to take your vehicle into even more extreme conditions, the standard outfitting just won’t do. You’ll need some new accessories to really take on the elements. Here are some ideas for preparing your side by side for harsh conditions.



Probably the most important products you can purchase for extreme off-roading are better UTV suspension parts. Increasing your suspension even by a few inches can have a dramatic effect on your ability to conquer swampland, rocky trails, or rutted roads. You’ll be able to cross the terrain without beating up the undercarriage of your vehicle, and you won’t have to worry about getting stuck in ruts or on rock piles.


Skid Guards

Hitting mud at high speeds is fun, but it can cause considerable wear and tear on your undercarriage. Make sure to invest in a nice set of skid guards to protect your valuable engine parts from mud, dust, small rocks, or anything else that’ll get kicked up into your undercarriage in harsh terrain.



While feeling the wind whipping through your ride is part of the thrill of off-road driving, there can be such a thing as too much of a good thing. Whether you’re driving in the rain or splashing up a lot of mud, a windshield can be a useful accessory to install when you’re going across tricky terrain. It helps protect you from debris and other unwanted particles you may come across.

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