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Top 10 Best ATV Accessories | Side By Side Stuff

Top 10 Coolest ATV Accessories

We know it better than most: accessories for your quad are like potato chips — one is never enough! Once you’ve felt the satisfaction of a little research and sweat equity turning into a serious increase in your ATV’s performance, you’re hungry for more. 

Finding the next best upgrade comes down to what you need. We’ve got dozens of riders on staff and thousands more Side By Side Stuff fans chiming in about their best and newest upgrades. If you’re wondering what you should upgrade on your ATV next, you’re in the right place. Here’s Billy, our team, and the SBSS family’s favorite upgrades for you!

1.  ATV snorkels

High Lifter and Snorkel Your ATV are top suppliers of high-quality, long-lasting products. When the mud is knee-deep or worse, you need to be able to rely on your ATV to respirate properly. With a snorkel kit, your intake and vent lines stay above the muck and water, so you can stay on track. With a variety of colors available, you can find the best accessory for your ATV with a quality snorkel kit.

2. ATV lift kits

Protection, elevation, innovation. When you upgrade your ride’s height with a standard or “big” lift kit, you can bet you’re going to beat OEM standards when it’s time to crawl rocks, get into the muck, or cover more “creative” paths. 

At SBSS, we always appreciate the chance to buy American. Billy has toured, trailed, and trained on some of the largest and most out-of-this-world lifts around for ATVs and UTVs. When he says he only wants quality — that’s what he gets. See the best we have to offer in lift kits for ATVs and UTVs.

3. ATV tactical storage

You never know what you’ll need on unexplored territory — so come prepared. With tough, mil-spec equipment that can fit anything you need on any rack of your best ATV, this is an accessory you can’t afford to miss! Keep a cantine handy, or keep a firearm safe — no matter what you need, you can always find the right tactical ATV storage with Side By Side Stuff.

4. ATV winches

We love it when our reader’s riding gets so extreme it turns ATV accessories into necessities. Sometimes, you get stuck. But, when you work with Billy and the team to get the right gear before your ride, we always have your back with the most powerful, adaptable, and user-friendly winches for ATVs around. Check out what’s newest today and find the perfect winch for your ATV.

5. Light kits

A little overcast, fog, or darkness shouldn’t stop you from taking it to the trails! With an upgraded light kit, you can add leagues of visibility to your nighttime rides. With a wide variety of sizes and fittings available, any ATV with a rack to fit accessories can gain visibility in any situation. Find the perfect LED Light Mount.

6. ATV mirrors and accessories

The right set of mirrors can help make your ATV road-legal — or give you a clear view of who you’ve already lapped! Adjustable and lighted mirrors from brands like Seizmik make it easy to get an enhanced view of what’s behind you while making a statement with stylish aftermarket parts. Find the best ATV side mirrors for your ride today.

7. All terrain ATV tires

Having the right grip is crucial when you don’t know what lies ahead. Sturdy, grippy, and performance-centric tires make all the difference. Falcon Ridge is putting out some of the highest quality tire and wheel packages, and their A/T tires can make the perfect accessory for your ATV riding. Get the right tires today.

8. Upgraded ATV wheels

Big pits of mud need big wheels and tires. Sometimes, stock just doesn’t cut it; a larger tire means your ATV’s top speed can rise, and it means obstacles that used to stop you are just child’s play now. No matter what size wheel you need , Side By Side Stuff has your back. Find the best ATV wheels and accessories today.

9. ATV drive belts

It’s a simple part, but opting for a heavy-duty option can improve your ATV’s torque, reduce slippage, and benefit overall engine performance. A stronger belt makes for a more resilient transmission when the throttle’s hammered all the way down. If you’ve made any other performance upgrades or are looking to start, an upgraded belt is almost a necessity in the minds of serious riders. Find the right belt for you.

10. ATV bluetooth soundbars

Some of the coolest ATV accessories we’ve seen are the mountable, easily charged, hardcore soundbars from brands like Boss, NavAtlas, and Planet Audio. If you’re riding with speakers, but they’re not cutting through the revs, a soundbar is the easiest option to upgrade your soundtrack situation. With options that feature LED lighting and more, you’re sure to find one that’s perfect for whatever you need. Get your soundbar right away.

Cool ATV accessories for every rider

No two riders are the same. Some need a plow, some need a lift kit. Whatever helps you get more out of your ATV, we’re here with the right accessories for you. Get lifted, get a grip, get lit, and get a groove on with the best of the best. From storage solutions to soundbars, Side By Side Stuff is your #1 stop for the best of the best. Shop our top selections today.

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