UTV Ski and Track System


A side by side is the vehicle of choice for tons of outdoors enthusiasts because it has all the power of an off-road vehicle without sacrificing cargo space or maneuverability. Whether you love to hunt, fish, or race, a side by side is an excellent choice of vehicle. While some people only ride their side by sides in the summer months, the fact of the matter is that they’re just as versatile and useful in the winter months, or at least they can be if you install some important accessories. In order to keep your side by side running safely during the cold winter months, consider installing these add-ons.


Track Systems

One of the best side by side winter accessories you can get is a ski or track system. While side by sides are known for their ability to handle harsh terrain, the icy or snowy conditions you’ll face in the winter will prove an additional challenge. Don’t let yourself get stuck when the roads get slick. Install a ski or track system and you’ll be able to take on even the slipperiest of conditions with ease. This will ensure that there will be no obstacles to you taking your side by side out into the most difficult winter conditions for ice fishing or more.



While a ski or track system will give you the traction you need to conquer most winter conditions, you still might find yourself slipping on big ice patches, especially if you’re taking your vehicle out on a lake for some ice fishing. In order to ensure that you’ll stay safely secured to your seat in the event of a slip, you should make sure to install some quality seat harnesses to keep you safely fastened into your ride. This will keep you safe and ensure that your outing will go smoothly.

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