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Super Bog 2022 | Gettin’ Muddy at Hog Waller

As the snow hit the Midwest, there couldn’t have been a better time to get out of town and down to the Sunshine State. So, we took a trip to Hog Waller in Palatka, Florida for the annual Super Bog event February 11th – 13th. From ATVs and side by sides to Mega Trucks, Sherps, and everything in between, Hog Waller caters to it all. Each year during Super Bowl weekend, Hog Waller holds their annual Super Bog event, hence the wordplay in the title. Thousands of off-road enthusiasts came out for a full weekend of camping, mud boggin’ and downright having a good time with friends and family. 2022 marks the 13th year for the annual event, each year growing bigger and better than ever, this was our second time attending Super Bog, and it did not disappoint!

Since opening their gates in 2008, Hog Waller grew from a 100-acre park to a whopping 1,200 acres of off-road fun. Many of the main roads at the park are remnants of old railroad beds and timber operations of an early 1900s sawmill dating back over 100 years old. These old roads are now part of a system with over 50 miles of mapped trails. The swampy terrain features a mix of sand and mud with an abundance of waterholes to dip in. Waterholes get so deep that big, lifted UTVs and ATVs are the norm, portal gear lifts and massive mud tires seemed to be the hot set up at Hog Waller. Don’t let this steer you away from the park if your UTV is stock or at average height, there are plenty of trails at the park to accommodate machines of all sizes.

One thing that sets Hog Waller apart from the rest is their massive 6-acre mud pit. Set down 10 feet below ground level and surrounded by safety fence, the mud pit is the ultimate arena for specially built trucks and cars to put on a show for the crowd. It was awesome to see the high horsepower trucks hit the pit!

Take a cruise around the park and you’ll find several hang-out spots including Tiger Hole, Gator Hole, and RPM Alley. Once away from the 6-acre mud pit, these are the hot spots that draw the crowd. It’s pretty simple really, deep mud holes and a spot to watch everyone drive through them. As simple as it sounds, it’s a total blast! Everyone gathers and has a good time enjoying the scene and each other’s company.

We hung out with our friends from Audio Formz at the event, explored some trails, and pumped some loud music. Not only did Audio Formz have a booth for attendees to visit, but they also put on a stereo competition. Super loud, it drew in a huge crowd. Many attendees entered with some over-the-top stereo set-ups on their side by sides, these systems were so loud my ears were achy the next day. Pretty incredible.

From shower houses and restrooms to food vendors, Hog Waller is a great park and has just about everything you need to stay all weekend comfortably. They even have a wash station so you can clean up your buggy. Plan on staying a few days, the park offers RV sites with full hook-ups, primitive camping, and you can even book a cabin!

Al in all, Super Bog was a huge success! We had a great time muddin’ in the Florida sunshine, hanging with friends, and making new ones.  We recommend putting Super Bog 2023 on your calendar, you just might run into us on the trails. Be sure to check out Hog Waller’s website for info on all their upcoming events.

More info at – hogwallerm

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