Whether you use your side-by-side UTV for work or for play, it’s important to always keep in mind vehicle safety. Whenever you go off-roading, you’re entering into harsh terrain, and things won’t always go the way that you expect. The problem is getting your side-by-side out of a difficult situation can be hard work. Check out these side-by-side accessories that will be well worth it in the event of an emergency.

Suspension Kits

One of the first things you should get when you purchase a new side-by-side is UTV suspension parts. While a side-by-side is designed to be able to handle even the harshest terrain, you may come across places that are hard even for an off road vehicle to navigate. This is especially true in areas that are really muddy or rocky. If you find yourself stuck somewhere like that, you’ll definitely need a few extra inches of clearance to be able to get yourself out of there. Make sure you’ve got UTV suspension parts installed, so that you don’t end up stuck in muddy or rocky terrain without any way to get out.


A winch is probably the single most valuable side-by-side accessory you can have. Whether you get stuck in mud, a ditch, at the base of a hill that you can’t get over, or stuck just about anywhere else, a winch will be able to pull you out of that situation and get you back on the road. Turn an emergency into only a short delay with a reliable winch system.

As you are roaring across dirt tracks, mudding in open fields, or hauling gear from one end of your worksite to the other, there’s always the possibility that you could get into an accident. Prepare for the worst, so nothing will slow you down.