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Seizmik UTV Skid Plates and Tree Kickers

Seizmik Skid Plates and Tree Kickers


How to stay classy under your chassis?

There is no question that every ride enthusiast should invest in UTV skid plates and tree kickers. After all, it can get rough around the edges whether adventuring or working the farm. Mother Nature doesn’t take to kindly to off-road vehicles. Hence the need for these Seizmik skid plates.

Let’s meet Susan and Tommy and see what Mr. Novak has to say about these side by side accessories…


What is the ultimate undercarriage protection?

Mr. Novak deems Seizmik skids as the best because they consist of UHMW. This Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene is incredibly durable, yet light. It’s highly versatile with attributes like abrasion, impact, wear, and corrosion resistance.

Unlike other plastics, UHMW is tolerant to heat. So, it won’t melt or change form due to high temperature. In addition, this material is so tank tough it’s used in body armor, docks, and much more.If this textile can’t keep the underside of your Polaris RZR or Polaris General 1000 safe, we don’t know what will. It’s up to four times more durable than OEM skids.


How does installation work?

Installing the RZR XP 1000 skid plates are much easier than traditional accessories. There are less holes to drill and mount to OEM mounting locations. Finally, Seizmik designs the fit to include glass-filled nylon frame clamps to ensure the plate rock sliders stay put.


Easy to Maintain

  • Seizmik includes more drain holes to ensure mud and muck flow out.
  • This keeps those underbelly UTV parts from corroding and rusting.
  • Plus, it helps with tune-up servicing.


Are they really that much better than OEM?

These aftermarket skid plates have a half-inch thick construction, four times thicker than most OEM skids. The Seizmik kit dons a tensile strength of 7010 PSI while OEM is hovering at 4500 PSI. They didn’t budge when Mr. Novak took a swing at the Seizmik set. However, you can guess what happened to the OEM units.


Maximum Coverage

The RZR Turbo skid covers all the vital parts, including the front differential, driveline, engine, transmission, and rear differential. To say these off-road accessories provide bulletproof protection to the undercarriage is an “under” statement. Let’s just take a peek at the damage control savings.

  • Front Differential – $1,200
  • Driveline – $300
  • Engine – $7,000
  • Transmission / Rear Differential – $2,500


Do you want to be a cool cat?

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, these UTV skid plates are a must-have investment. They keep your prized possession safe from total inhalation. Not to mention saving you thousands in damages that are bound to happen while out doing what you do best.

Protect your asset with Seizmik UTV skid plates and tree kickers from Side By Side Stuff.

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