Whether you’re rolling over snowy hills in the winter or gunning the engine down mud paths, nothing is more thrilling than taking out your side by side vehicle for some off-road adventures. A side by side is great fun to drive, but did you know that you can add accessories to the vehicle to enhance the experience even further?

With a couple easy-to-install accessories, your side by side can transform from a simple vehicle into a tricked-out chariot, sure to impress your friends and help you dominate in races.

Audio Systems
Nothing’s better than blasting your favorite music while out on a ride, and one of the best side by side accessories you can purchase is a high-quality audio system. After all, you’ll need some pretty powerful speakers to be able to hear from inside your helmet, and a powerful audio system will let you turn your UTV into a rockin’ party.

You’ll be able to plug in and play your own music too, so that you’ll have a soundtrack for your race domination. You’ll need the adrenaline boost of great music to help you out on the road, so a solid speaker system should be a priority.

LED Whips
Show off to all your friends by installing an LED whip onto your rig. LED whips are colorful lighted poles that attach to the back of your side by side, giving your vehicle a distinctive, colorful light trail. This is great when you’re driving at night, since you’ll be able to lead the pack and ensure that everyone will able to follow you to the camp site. Additionally, you’ll get a sense of satisfaction when racing, knowing that your opponents will be watching your whip as you leave them behind in the dust.


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