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Triple Threat Offroad’s 2014 RZR XP 1000 Platinum Edition

Triple Threat Offroad Platinum Polaris RZR Build
We met with Wheel Pros’ journalist Brandon Brouillette and John O’Polka, Builder and Partner at Triple Threat Offroad, at the 2016 High Lifter Mud Nationals in Jacksonville, TX to get the scoop on one of TTO’s latest builds. While we snapped a few photos, Brandon interviewed John about his Platinum Edition Polaris RZR build. Check it out. 

Platform: 2014 Polaris RZR XP 1000

Owner: John and Marni O’Polka

Builder: Triple Threat Offroad

Inspiration behind build: “Being the new kid on the block and the new TTO partner, I had big shoes to fill” says John O’Polka. “Matt Rohr and Ryan Wells are already known for their great builds and attention to detail so I had to really turn up the heat on this build to make it stand out.”

Why the color scheme?  “I am a Ford fanatic and having owned three Ford Platinum trucks. I found it only natural to pay homage to my favorite color and favorite truck…… ruby red.”

Triple Threat Offroad Platinum Polaris RZR Build

Purpose of build: “End use of vehicle, this vehicle was built for show and promotions and was built for the mud” (show/event/terrain).

Favorite part of build/machine: Fender flares.

Any specific part/piece or story you’d like to share? “The fender flares were a year in the making, hundreds of hours were spent capturing the factory lines and designing them to look as close to stock as possible while giving you an extra 4 inches of width.”

Any finalized plans for shows/events where people can see this build in 2016/2017? “We have a few big projects in the works”, says O’Polka, “can’t talk about them right now but we are really excited about the exposure we’re going to get at the mud runs, small or big or events. We will also be on some upcoming TV shows, they’re still in the works.”

Triple Threat Offroad Platinum Polaris RZR Build

If someone wants to build a machine like this, where should they start? “First thing you should think about is what are you going to use the vehicle for, second is to buy quality parts. Ask lots of questions and do a lot of research on modifications you wish to make, and of course, feel free to contact us. We are here to help and will do everything we can to ensure you get a quality product that’s backed by a great warranty.”

Additional mods not bolted on for photoshoot/future mods: Vendetta Rock Sliders, powder coated to match, we’re added after the photo shoot.

What do you see as a trend in 2017, what people should start doing/changing/investing in now? “The current trends in the market is the three-piece forged wheels, we are seeing big wheels and big tires.”

How can people get ahold of you guys to build their dream machine? “We are available at our Facebook page and our website,, or call us at 682-518-8700. We also offer a clothing line which includes hats, shirts, board shorts, hoodies and much more. Also available for purchase is our new line of salsa, Jokers Hot and Jokers Medium Salsa.”

Triple Threat Offroad Platinum Polaris RZR Build


Platinum Edition Specs

2014 RZR XP 1000 Built By Triple Threat Offroad

Triple Threat Offroad Clutch

Triple Threat Offroad Snorkels

Triple Threat Offroad Custom Air Intake

Triple Threat Offroad Custom Fender Flares

Triple Threat Custom iPad Dash

Ruby Red Candy Paint

Euro style Steering Wheel

Dragonfire Racing Shifter and Linkage

Paint Matched Powder Coated Frame, Cage, and Suspension by Top Kote in Kennedale TX

In House Air brush

Custom Embroidered PRP Mud Seats

High Lifter Gear Reduction and High Lifter Reverse Chain

High Compression Pistons 11.5

Web Cams

Polished and Ported head

Custom Tune

Manual Cam Tensioner

S3 8 inch Lift

S3 High Clearance Trailing Arms

S3 Front Spring Spacers

Rockford Axles

20″ MSA M30 Throttle Wheels

BKT 9.5×20 Tires

S3 Winch Mount, Front Bumper

Triple Threat Offroad Winch Mount,  Rear Bumper

Viper Max Wide Spool 5000 lbs Winches, Front & Rear

Rogue Offroad Grill, Hood and Side Steps

Vendetta Rock Sliders, Powder Coated to Match ( added after the photo shoot ) 

Full RGB Underglow, RGB HALOs

Muzzy Exhaust

Summit Industries Front and Rear Bumper Mounted LED Lights

777 Fabrication Cage & Custom Metal Roof

JL AUDIO 1000.5 Amp

WetSounds Bluetooth EQ

Bluetooth RGB Light Controller

REV 10 Tower Speakers

JL Audio W3 10″ Sub

Smoked Headlights and Tail Lights

Voltage Regulator

Yellow Top Optima battery

In Dash USB Plugs

RGB Whips by Booger Whips

Sandcraft RCR Carrier Bearing

Triple Threat Offroad Platinum Polaris RZR Build

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