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UTV and ATV Halloween Costume Ideas

The most creative, and hardcore UTV and ATV fans are stepping up their spooky season rides. Decking out their vehicles to match their costumes and throwing on their Bluetooth speakers is just the start. You don’t want to miss out! But–what if you’re stuck on what to do? No fear; SBSS is here! Here, we’ll hook you up with great ideas for UTV or ATV Halloween costumes.

Did you make a sweet UTV or ATV Halloween costume? Be sure to post and share your UTV or ATV Halloween costumes with SBSS on social media! We’re posting the best ones on our site.

A haunted hayride is great if you’re curious about what to do this October 31st. Or, a UTV and ATV Halloween ride is an awesome pick. Once you’ve figured out your UTV Halloween costume ideas, we’ve got all the best parts and accessories to step it up.

Get outfitted with the best parts for UTV Halloween Rides, and find the gear that even matches your UTV’s Halloween costume:

  • UTV Lightbars, Whips, Underglow, and More
  • Audio Systems/Bluetooth Speakers
  • Trailers and Hitches
  • Enclosures + Cab Heaters
  • Mirrors
  • DOT-Approved Tires

Top UTV or ATV Halloween Costume Ideas

Batman and the Batmobile

Can’t you hear the old theme song in your head while you read this? Batman has always been iconic, but the new Batmobile models are legendary. By adding some flare with an all-black side mirror, you won’t look like a joker.

Scooby-Doo and the Mystery Machine

Perfect for a family of four, this is a great costume idea for families with bigger UTVs like the Polaris RZR 4-door, decking out your buggy with this classic look will be a hit (adding a teal underglow kit would really sell it too).

Flintstones and the Flint-mobile

We’ve never noticed it before, but wow—this UTV model really does look like the Flintmobile even without the costume! With a little bit of decorating and this photo as a guide, you’ll have everyone saying “Yabadabbadoo!”

Pirates and a Pirate Ship

Whether you go with the classic Blackbeard or Jack Sparrow, you’re sure to find some Halloween fun with this great combo. Imagine: playing the theme from the movie through a Bluetooth speaker as you cruise trick-or-treating!

Mechanics and Mater (from the movie Cars)

This one is sure to be a hit with the kids. Add a couple crafts, and get ready to get all the full-sized candy bars as you go on your haunted ATV Halloween ride this year. A trailer and hitch feels like a great way to put icing on the cake for this iconic tow-truck.

Jurassic Park

There’s never been a better time to hop into a Jurassic Park themed buggy. With the revival of the series, it’s never been more relevant. And c’mon, these ATVs and UTVs already look like they could beat a Velociraptor.

Delivery Man and USPS/UPS Truck

They don’t all have to be spooky or superheroes: you can turn just as many heads with a funny ATV Halloween costume or UTV Halloween costume! Who knows—if it’s convincing enough, the USPS might just rethink what kind of trucks they’re using.

The Best UTV Accessories for Halloween

Accent Lights / Light Bars / Whips / Angel Eye Headlight Kits

A well-lit Halloween UTV ride is the best kind! Not only just for safety, but for added flare and light effects. With light bars of a variety of sizes to help you see on the haunted trail, you won’t miss a thing. Light bars and underglow kits are just the right touch to custom-match your lighting to the buggy’s costume. Check out light bars from some of the best brands, like Seizmik and Snorkel Your ATV today.

UTV LED Lights and Mounts

Audio Systems / Bluetooth Speakers

You know what’s a real bummer? Having a Star Wars-themed X-Wing UTV and trying to play the theme song on a tiny little phone speaker. Give everyone inside your UTV—and out—a case of the heebie-jeebies with a boosted sound system. A Little pressed for time and don’t need the hassle of wiring? We’ve got dozens of options for badass Bluetooth speakers for UTVs. Brands like MTX and Bazooka have you covered with some of the best Bluetooth speakers on the market—and some even have lights too! Get yours here today.

PRO TIP: Don’t know what to play for your haunted Halloween UTV ride? Check Spotify for Halloween playlists that others have already made!

Side by Side Audio Speakers for UTVs

Trailers and Hitches

A Haunted hayride is always more fun with more people. But, with just 4 in the cab, you might miss out on a great time with family and friends. Halloween UTV rides aren’t set until you’ve got the right trailer or hitch combo for your buggy. The Impact Implements ATV and UTV Trailer is our staff pick. Find the right hitch fit for your SxS here.

Bumpers and Hitches for UTVs

Enclosures + Cab Heaters

If your Four wheeler Halloween costume is modeled after a car or contained vehicle, you’re not going to get there with imagination alone. You can really complete the look of your UTV costume by adding an enclosure. Additionally, UTV enclosures can help hold in heat—which is clutch if it’s already starting to get chilly. Add a heater too, and keep your ride going all winter long! Falcon Ridge makes a top-of-the-line cab enclosure for many UTVs, and our staff love them. Pick up yours here.

UTV Cab Heaters and Enclosures


For the UTV and ATV Halloween Riders in city limits, you’re going to need to make sure your vehicle is street legal. One of the most important parts is making sure you have side mirrors. With all the little ghosts and ghouls running around, it’s essential to pay attention to your surroundings. There’s a ton of different shapes and colors—you can find UTV side mirrors from Falcon Ridge and Seizmik that are sure to match your UTV’s costume. Find the perfect side mirrors here:

Replacement UTV Mirrors

DOT Approved Tires

It sounds like a no-brainer, but we’ve seen it happen. People spend hours on the perfect UTV Halloween costume and then forget that all they’ve got for tires are their already worn tires. That can stop a Halloween UTV ride before it even starts. See the best brands, and find the right fit to make sure your ride is fully DOT-approved before your ride.

PRO TIP: If you’re not sure—don’t guess. Check online for the regulations and requirements in your state for riding UTVs on the street.

UTV Tires

Witch-ing You The Best On Your Halloween ATV Ride

No matter what you pick, you can have a great time on the trails or streets this Halloween in your UTV or ATV. With the right equipment and accessories, you complete the look and get upgraded parts that will last year-round.

Stay safe, have fun, and be sure to post and share your UTV or ATV Halloween costumes with SBSS on social media!

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