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Vent Racing – Soupin’ Up RZR 170s

Vent Racing

From custom roll cages to fully built Baja style racing UTVs and rigs, Vent Racing specializes in just about anything off road. They have been building high performance vehicles since 1996 and have designed and manufactured a wide variety of performance parts for side by sides including the Polaris RZR 170.

The RZR 170’s smaller build characteristics and level of performance is perfectly tailored to the younger rider allowing them to get acquainted to the handling of the UTV while still instilling the yearning to get outside and ride. Chances are you already know that, however If your little ones have grown past the safe, low performing stock motor and are ready to up the ante take a look at the performance accessories offered from Vent Racing.

The first addition that you can add to your RZR 170 to gain power could be their Free Flowing Intake Filter System. This Intake system comes with everything that you could possibly need to relocate the air intake out from underneath the machines engine compartment to a higher point. This allows for colder denser air to enter your motor and boost the performance of your RZR 170.

From there you can move on to the Vent Racing Full Exhaust System. By adding a high flow intake such as the vent racing system you’re going to be bringing much more air into your engine, with any increase in flow you need to accommodate the flow throughout the whole running cycle of the motor. This is why we recommend the Vent Racing Full Exhaust System; you need the less restrictive and lighter weight exhaust system to help keep the exhaust gasses moving efficiently through the motor.

If you have added both of those components and are still looking for maximum power and performance for your little ones it’s time to step up to the major leagues; by adding Vent Racing’s Big Bore Kit you will add an additional 10 cc’s of cylinder volume. By increasing the chamber volume, you can cram more air and fuel in to your motor and in return gain more power at the tires

If that’s not enough, you could even top off the motor with a Vent Racing Cylinder head. The cylinder head is the quintessential cherry on top of the sundae, everything you’ve added to your machine has been adding up to this. The head features a 3mm oversized intake and exhaust valve to allow for more flow in and out of the engine at maximum efficiency. From there you are also getting a new high performance cam and rockers to help get the engines intake, compression, ignition and exhaust cycles running at your engines maximum potential.

All in all, the guys at Vent Racing have got you covered for all your RZR 170 performance needs; in fact, on average you will double your engines power production by adding all the Vent Racing Performance products. **Want to go all out? Check out the Power Package by Vent Racing.** So if you want the little ones to continue to enjoy the RZR 170 or you are looking for a quick and fun project, check out our selection of performance products by Vent Racing.

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