There is nothing worse than being ill-prepared for Jack Frost’s drama. It’s not just the cold you’ve got to worry about, it’s the aftermath of the cold that really gets you. Do you find yourself smack dab in Jack’s fit-of-rage without the gear necessary for defense? That’s okay, Side By Side Stuff is here to help you arm your buggy for the wintry war. We’ve put together an arsenal of aftermarket accessories that will put Jack Frost in his place.

Let’s get started!

  1. Cab Enclosures – There is nothing worse than riding in a rig with no protection from the elements. A full cab enclosure offers ample reprieve from the cold weather. The best part is there is no guessing game trying to buy each piece: the windshield, top, doors, and rear panel. It’s one purchase with measurements precise to each machine application. Another perk is the range of style each aftermarket cab enclosure brings. If you’re after permanence, a hard cab will meet your needs. On the flip, if you’re not down for all the restrictions, a soft cab will do the trick.
  1. Heaters – Nothing will put the warmth in your winter like a UTV cab heater. These SxS assemblies generally connect to your coolant assembly, bringing heat from your engine into your cab, then expelling that air back into your radiator. That’s right; no battery bogging going on with this aftermarket upgrade. Most of these components also come complete with a defrost system, too, which can come in handy when Jack is doing his “frost” thing.
  1. Heated Seats and Steering Wheels – When things really start to get brisk, you’ve got two choices: you can get outfitted in layers, or you can gear up your side by side. Stacking up layers of clothing does not make for a comfortable ride, not to mention you are limiting your range of motion. You want to go with the latter option. With aftermarket heated seats and heated steering wheels from Heat Demon you can keep your rear roasted and your hands warm while you take care of all that winter work.
  1. Winches –  A UTV winch comes with a slew of benefits from towing your buddies out of the deep snow to assisting you on a plowing expedition. They are available in a vast selection of weight capacity, styles, and feature options to best meet each off-roader’s demands. For a frontline defense against Mr. Frost, you need a SxS winch! 
  1. Snow Plows –  Who wants to do the grueling chore of shoveling a driveway, especially when you have a rig more than capable of doing the work for you? All you need is an aftermarket UTV snow plow system to get the job done. There are a ton of plow options from blade size, to construction, features, you name it. They are made tough-as-all-get-out and are compatible with a variety of machine applications.
  1. Track Systems – Jack has a way of making your sweet aftermarket tires look like nothing more than a fixture. That’s where the integration of a SxS track system comes in. These bad boys will rip through any terrain, any time with outstanding flotation and have traction for days. Eat your heart out Frost, there will be no garaging buggies in the winter on our watch!
  1. Insulated Waders – Don’t worry offroad outlaws, we didn’t forget about you! To put on your own wintry armor are waders. Not just any old waders, the Men’s and Women’s Shield Series Insulated Breathable Waders. We’re talking quilted thermal cotton insulation, fleece-lined hand-warmer pockets, and insulated boots. The best part, they aren’t crazy bulky, so you’ve got plenty of range of motion.
  1. UTV Covers – When you’re all done with your battle against the “force of nature,” you’ll want to wrap up that mean machine with a UTV cover. The cover will keep your buggy in tip-top shape while not in use. Most of the aftermarket covers offer water-repellency and UV resistance for reliability in the coldest conditions.

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