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DRT Motorsports: More Than a Brand, It’s a Lifestyle

Side By Side Stuff is super stoked to introduce DRT Motorsports to our arsenal of aftermarket UTV parts and accessories cache. This team is as dedicated to the off-road community as we all are. The proof is in their passion for playing in the dirt like the next ground-pounding crusader. Hence, why they develop aggressive side-by-side accessories that add value to the industry.


Who is DRT


This team has been living the dirt life since the beginning, growing up in families of off-road fanatics. They spent quality time all adrenaline-charged while sand dancing in their choice machine applications. We all know how the off-road community works. We’ve said it before, and we will say it again, it’s more than just the ride. DRT rep Landon couldn’t have said it better: ” The Powersports industry has always been a community dedicated to friendship, stewardship, and having a great time.” 


DRT Motorsports staked its claim in 2020 in the great state of California. Though they are young to the industry, they are no strangers to the community. In fact, it’s that same passion for their own off-road experience that drives them to supply fellow riders with aggressive designs complete with safety, function, and style. In addition, it makes them the perfect team to dish out durable, reliable SxS attachments that add a killer aesthetic with the grit to back it up. 


So, it’s clear that DRT is driven by its love of the sport. However, what is DRT, and how does that impact the way you beef up your buggy? Here are some facts. DRT simply stands for dirt, which we all know is the driving force behind our love for shredding terrain. Is there really anything more liberating than kicking up dirt on extreme topography? We vote no.


DRT feels exactly the same, thus the birth of aggressive UTV accessories that can exceed the expectations of roady peers. Moreover, they are a brand that stands behind its creations, doing its best to meet the rigorous demands of the off-road. In other words, their components can take your buggy-busting abuse and then some. Now that we know the who, let’s dig into the what, shall we?


DRT UTV Parts and Accessories


Stuff junkies, if you were ever looking to make a statement full of style, practicality, and longevity, these are the units that will handle business. The selection of SxS accessories up DRT’s sleeve is specifically for high-performance vehicles. You know, the ones you send when you know better too. The cars that shoot roostertails twenty feet before chasing whoops that would make a traditional machine wave a white flag of defeat. Yeah, those. Buckle up, gang. We’re about to take a dive!




Who doesn’t love a rad set of Maverick X3 suicide doors? The bad mama jamas are no joke. Think clean, sharp line work that will add a whole new take on the machine’s appearance. Not to mention, these suckers are tough as nails, increasing protection with the ability to take a hit, no problem.





If there were ever a fresh-looking UTV bumper on the market, these would have to take the cake. There is no question you would scare the competition into migrating to the granny trails with the aggressive aesthetic. 


Grills and Intakes Parts


We cannot get enough of the SxS grills and intake parts for the Maverick X3, RZR PRO XP, and RZR 170. It doesn’t get much better than this right here when it comes to increasing protection, performance, and appearance. 


These are just a few of the inventory available from DRT. They’ve got a whole mess of other side-by-side parts and accessories with that same moxie. So, be it a RZR 170 rear wing spoiler or a RZR PRO XP aluminum trunk enclosure, you’re getting a quality aftermarket part with a customized look. 


When we asked DRT what their fave was… we couldn’t have agreed more. The Maverick X3 replacement fenders are where it’s at. Why? Because they look damn good. Plus, they are durable enough to break bad and live to tell about it. 


DRT Motorsports for the Win


We can’t say enough how dope the DRT team is and their passion for UTV off-road accessories. DRT has a rock-star designer team that is “truly an artist with all things metal,” and we have no doubt. Everything from the design process to engineering and testing is done right here in ‘Merica, where they are truly grateful to be all up in the Powersports industry and community. 


Who is ready to help us welcome DRT Motorsports to the Stuff clan? Shop DRT parts and accessories at

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