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ITP Made In America

ITP Made in America


Does it get any more rigid than an American-made product when you imagine dirt-tough? Not if you ask us! Apparently, ITP is on the same wavelength. As a matter of fact, they give us the inside scoop of their UTV wheels and tires manufactured right here in the great U.S. of A. These rad rims and treads full of bite are no joke, with unmatched style and traction. As a result, you get performance capacity like you wouldn’t believe. Unless you’ve already had your way with these sxs accessories, then you know all about it.


ITP Tires gives us a visual play-by-play of the engineering process in their facility in Clinton, Tennessee. They are an industry leader who’s proud to provide American-made tires in a nationwide network. That’s right, Stuff Junkies, these sxs tires are not just sweeping the Powersports community locally, but all over the world. In addition, ITP has been doing the dang thang since 1982. They boasts of having the world’s #1 tire made by ride enthusiasts for ride enthusiasts. In fact, you know they tested these suckers themselves both in the lab and in the field.


You can ask nearly anyone who’s anyone, and they can tell you all about the results that come when investing in these side-by-side tires. In fact, ITP is one of the most reliable names in the racing community, with race teams in multiple circuits to claim victory more than not. If there were ever a company that embodied durability and performance, ideal for the crazy conditions, it’s these guys.


With the ever-evolving ITP designs and construction, you can’t go wrong with the award-winning wheel and tires. There is no question they meet the demands of nearly every ride style the Powersports community can come up with. So whether you are crawling, pounding the pavement, hitting bounty holes, or taking on trail challenges, these UTV tires and wheels have your back.


Settle for mediocrity? Not if ITP has its way. Get the traction it takes to beat the terrain of your choice with ITP wheels and tires from Side By Side Stuff.

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