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Seizmik VersaVent Windshields – Maximum Versatility

The guys at Seizmik are excited to announce the coolest, most innovative windshield that the UTV category has ever seen.

There’s no other windshield with all these features, new Seizmik VersaVent windshields have two very cleverly designed vents that let the driver and the passenger independently control how much airflow comes into the cab and where the air hits them. They even have a defogging feature.

The vents are high in quality; they’re made of glass filled nylon, making them incredibly durable. The scoop on the front of the vent gathers up air off the hood and re-directs it inside your UTV, even at very slow speeds you’ll have a surprising amount of air coming through the vent. Vents are designed with a gasket between the scoop and the windshield to keeps precipitation out while still allowing airflow in. You can let as much or as little airflow in as you desire.

Each vent has a louver on the inside of the cab that is operated by a lever so either driver or passenger can control the direction and volume of the airflow to whatever they want it to be.

In ‘defog’ mode the vent directs air from outside the cab onto the inside surface of your windshield to prevent fogging.

**Fast and Easy Installation**

Vents are already installed in the windshield from the factory. Using nearly indestructible glass filled nylon clamps, the windshield mounts to the roll cage.  To keep out the elements, an automotive grade gasket goes around the perimeter of the windshield creating the perfect seal.


VersaVent windshields provide maximum versatility so the driver and passenger can each control the airflow the way they want it, so they can get more done and have more fun.

Seizmik offers VersaVent windshields for a variety of machines including the Polaris General, full size and mid size Polaris Rangers and Kubota RTV X models. At Side By Side Stuff we give you to option to choose between a VersaVent windshield in regular polycarbonate for economical durability or two-sided hard-coated polycarbonate for incredible scratch resistance.



Constructed from 0.220″ optically clear polycarbonate

Comes in uncoated or two-side hard-coated options

Two vents per windshield

Vents are made of super durable glass filled nylon and a gasket sealed against water intrusion

Fully adjustable easy-to-use louver for variable airflow, including built-in defogging vents

Full perimeter automotive-grade gasket

Weather-tight seal

Easy turn knobs so no tool required for installation

Custom designed clamps with a low profile for no interference with other accessories

Get your Seizmik VersaVent windshield for the

Polaris General

Full Size Ranger

Mid Size Ranger

Kubota RTV (coming soon)

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