2014 Polaris Camp RZR West Recap
Oct 31st 2014
Nov 2nd 2014DSC_3413

Located outside of Brawley, California to the east lies the largest mass of sand dunes in all of California. The Imperial Sand Dunes are sometimes called the Algodones Dunes but often just referred to as the Glamis Sand Dunes. The Imperial Sand Dune system is 5 miles wide and extends 40 miles south toward the Mexico border. With over 118,000 acres of off-road heaven in the form of sand, Glamis was once again the perfect setting for Camp RZR West 2014.

Camp RZR was once again held on Halloween weekend starting Friday the 31st of October and wrapping up Sunday the 2nd of November. Polaris bills Camp RZR as the “biggest party in the dunes” and is one way Polaris says “thank you” to all RZR owners who have made RZR become what it is today. The “prize wheel” was spinning giving away lots of nice door prizes and one lucky attendee won the grand prize and drove off with a brand new 2015 RZR.

When Polaris puts on a Camp RZR they literally build a small city right inside of the Glamis Sand Flats. One of the main points of a Camp RZR is the demo rides. Polaris brought a fleet of demo RZR’s for anyone who wanted to take a spin out in the sand. Polaris sets up a large multi bay service shop right inside the Camp; if you broke your rig or just needed it serviced, Polaris had you covered. Polaris also had their whole 2015 Ranger and RZR line up onsite to be checked out up close.

Another part of Camp RZR is the vendors. Great companies like PRP Seats, Blingstar, Fox, MTX Audio, Go Pro, Walker Evans and many more were setup inside of Camp RZR allowing you to get an up close look at their current product lines. A large vendor row is also setup just outside of the camp with vendors selling everything from food, clothing or accessories to stereos or firewood. If you’re flying in, you can even rent a UTV for the day and go explore the dunes without bringing your own rig.

The highlight of being at Camp RZR in Glamis is riding the dunes! With over 100,000 acres to explore, the dunes make you feel like you’re in the last final frontier. The views from atop of the dunes are so picturesque that it is nearly impossible to put into words, you simply just have to experience it for yourself. There is every kind of riding at Glamis including whoops, hill climbing, awesome jumping, flat sand drags as well as scenic leisurely riding. There is something for riders of all skill level at Camp RZR.