Back in February, at the Arctic Cat Snowmobile Dealer Meeting in Las Vegas, dealers got a flash at something they weren’t quite sure was real – but they’ve been drooling over ever since. The 50-inch Wildcat drove across the stage, disappeared behind a curtain, and that was that.

Since that time, dealers have been chomping at the bit, asking questions to learn more about this machine, only to hear silence. In a recent piece in Power Sports Business, writer John T. Prusak does an AWESOME job in detailing the mystery of the 50-inch Arctic Cat Wildcat, including quotes from multiple sides and sources, including the press release that noted, “the new model will feature everything enthusiasts love about the Wildcat, including the styling, and will lead the trail category with an unmatched suspension and ride-in comfort. Combine this with an all-new twin-cylinder engine and consumers will have an unrivalled Wildcat riding experience.”

Okay, Artic Cat, we get it. You want us to fall in love, but the suspense is killing us. Please, please, please – give us more info. In the meantime, we Arctic Cat Wildcat fans will read through John’s piece (it’s great) and speculate.

Here’s a link to the article with the scoop: