Let’s face it, UTV axles eventually break. Normal wear and tear can cause this over time, however stress on the suspension components that can be caused by lifting the machine, big tires or a hot horsepower motor may break an axle prematurely. Whether you’re already in the market to replace an axle or taking precautions by beefing up your SxS ahead of time, Warthog ATV has the solution to your aftermarket axle needs.

Newly launched in North America, but not new to the industry, the manufacturer of Warthog ATV has been successfully providing OEM axles to the UTV / ATV market around the world for the past 10 years. Their research and development department has engineered the Warthog Heavy Duty Axle to exceed OEM standards and other aftermarket brands.

Warthog ATV goes all out when it comes to quality, they use the highest quality of components, have an optimized machining process in manufacturing and have a strict quality control system to ensure the consistency in their craftsmanship and maximum product performance.

To achieve optimal strength, Warthog axles are made of chromoly steel, along with enlarged shafts and CV joints. To provide extra durability, Warthog ATV’s Superior Induction Hardening process is applied to all major components. Their CNC precision machined CV joints are filled with top-notch moly grease to provide low friction and smooth motion. Providing excellent flex fatigue and puncture resistance, their CV boots are made of Thermoplastic Polyester Elastomer (TPEE) which is a tougher material compared to rubber or neoprene.

Off-road enthusiasts and UTV racers have been immensely impressed by Warthog ATV Heavy Duty Axles, for 2016 Warthog ATV provided their heavy duty axles to several UTV race teams nationwide to be used for SxS races and other off road competitions.


Showing the superior quality of Warthog Heavy Duty Axles in any condition, World Record UTV JUMP Champion Al Mcbeth of Concept Distributing won the 2016 STUDS ON ICE race in Grand Prairie Alberta using Warthog Axles in the 2 hour and 20 minute ice race.

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At Side By Side Stuff we carry Warthog ATV Heavy Duty Axles for a variety of machines including the Polaris RZR, Can Am Maverick and Arctic Cat Wild Cat. These durable axles are a great way to beef up your machine’s suspension and give you the confidence to tackle any terrain.

Beef up your side by side, visit our Warthog ATV brand page today.