One thing that you can never say about the Powersports community is, “it’s getting old.” This industry is ever-changing from the performance increases to the aesthetic gains. We’re talking quality aftermarket parts and accessories that will beef it up or bring that custom flair that makes a buggy stand out in a crowd. Along with all those stellar cosmetic and operational upgrades, there are SxS accessories that improve entertainment and offroad excitement.


If you haven’t guessed it yet, we are digging into the aspect of off-roading that requires a soundtrack. Music can really amp up a situation because it plays on our emotions. And let’s face it; we all know what happens when your cut comes on while you’re tanking through your choice terrain. These SxS audio needs apply to all. We love that a quality UTV sound system doesn’t just pique the interest of ground-pounders. What backbreaking farmer doesn’t like listening to some music or sports radio while going through their chore list?


Side By Side Stuff is a huge fan of BOSS Audio and their innovative audio systems that range from blowing your eardrums to something a bit more practical. They don’t stop there either, but before we jump into the sweet sound of music and their other fun accessories, let’s get to the bottom of who BOSS is and what they encompass.



Who is BOSS Audio Systems?

For over 30 years, BOSS has made it a mission to provide the automotive community with quality audio and video products that blow stock performances out of the water. The company was founded by Sam Rabbani in 1987. Rabbani had two components that became the foundation of one of the largest manufacturers and distributors of electronics in the country. He wanted to provide drivers with quality sound, regardless of their financial status.


By 1989, BOSS Audio Systems launched its first product, and it is no surprise the business exploded from there. As the 1990s rolled around, they hit a breakthrough. BOSS had reached the million-dollar mark and had to move to a larger establishment. Since then, this incredible manufacturer took every portion of the automotive industry by storm, from Powersports to marine and pick-ups to lux vehicles. Today BOSS Audio supplies over 500 products to a multitude of machine applications around the globe.



BOSS Audio Sound Systems and Accessories.

The BOSS brand features some of the most sought-after off-road speaker systems and audio kits in the Powersports community. They’ve developed everything from UTV speaker pods to multimedia players and subwoofers to amplifiers. These aren’t just your run-of-the-mill sound blasters, either. We’re talking heavy-duty construction, advanced engineering, and killer aesthetics all wrapped into one product.


It’s no surprise that BOSS has set the bar high as to what radio kits should look and sound like. They have in-house engineers who work day in and day out to develop new innovative ways to increase the quality of every rider’s offroad experience. Working together with their diverse crew, BOSS continues to push the envelope regarding durability, function, and customization.



What are they up to now?

They said it best, “BOSS Audio Systems is ready to stand out with innovative, exciting products and dynamic customer programs. Our BOSS Audio Systems team consists of a multicultural family that spreads across the globe, with our finger on the pulse of today’s audio and video culture to build the best sound for your road.”


BOSS continues to be a force to be reckoned with, in the offroad industry and rightfully so. They’ve made it a point to work for the consumer making versatile sound equipment for an array of rider types. It’s not just about bringing a quality product to the table but bringing forth that same effort in an affordable, attainable way regardless of your financial background. These aftermarket accessories are cost-efficient, user-friendly, have an impeccable aesthetic, while being well-crafted and engineered.



How to get your hands on BOSS Audio equipment.

Elevating your ride quality is a part of the game. When you’re ready to take adventuring to the beat of your own drum, hit up for your BOSS Audio systems and accessories.