If you’re looking to get a the right plow for your UTV, look no further. The Denali Plow by Moto Alliance is a great set up to make snow removal easy. The Denali comes in two versions, the Denali Standard Series and the Denali Pro Series. Using a model specific mount, you can put a Denali plow on almost any UTV.

Easy to install, the Denali plow kits have a quick release system at the front of your UTV, allowing you to remove it easily when not in use with just two pins and quickly put back on when you need it. Keep in mind you will need a winch to use this kit to pick up your blade. You can also upgrade your push tube for a longer one if you are running a track system on your rig.


You are able to position your blade in different angles to the left or right , 0 degrees, 12.5 degrees and 25 degrees using the turn system. There is also a hydro turn upgrade available that’s very easy to install if you don’t want to get out in the cold. Denali Plows come standard with a 66” blade but is upgradeable to a 72”. Blades come with a rubber flap, although the standard has a lower quality flap but there is an upgrade option the get the same flap as the pro. Heavy duty plow markers, flexible down to -50 degrees Fahrenheit, comes standard with the Pro series but is available as an upgrade to the standard also.

What’s the big difference? The blades.

The Denali Standard has straight 11 gauge steel blade, with 19 inches of scoop, and four 7 gauge ribs running the full height of the blade, along with a replaceable 7 gauge, grade 50 steel wear bar. This blade is only available in black.

The Pro Series has an angled, county-style 12 gauge steel blade that is sand blasted, powder coated with epoxy primer and TGIC polyester top coat for corrosion protection, UV resistance and durability. Also featured is a high strength, high yield 3/16 inch thick grade 50 steel wear bar. This blade comes with a selection of colors: black , red or yellow.

Check out this video on the Denali Plow system being put to work!