Best In The Desert Pro Unlimited Champion DragonFire athlete Lacrecia Beurrier has been racing for the past seven years. She just wrapped up her most successful season yet, winning 1st place at the BITD Mint 400, Silver State 300, Vegas to Reno, the Bluewater Desert Challenge and the Henderson 250. As Pro Unlimited class overall points leader, Beurrier took the 2015 season championship in her Polaris RZR XP 1000.




“I just love the desert,” Beurrier says excitedly, “I really do just love it! I know some people look out at our desert landscape and think that it’s barren, and I just think it’s beautiful. I love being out there and seeing dust in front of me and trying to catch it. The longer the race, the better. I like the endurance part of it and I’m very proud to be able to say that I finished 550 miles of Vegas to Reno. The terrain we go through, the silt, the rocks, it’s not always fun and sometimes it’s just plain miserable. You find yourself sitting there wondering why you’re doing this, but at the end, knowing that you’re one of a handful of people that made it gives me a huge sense of accomplishment. That’s where my passion comes from and I love that!”


Beurrier learned how to drive by following her husband, talented mechanical engineer Eric Beurrier. “When I met Eric,” Beurrier explains, “he actually introduced me to riding quads in the sand. He said, ‘You stay right behind me and you won’t die.’ He doesn’t wait for you, so when I was the only girl on all the “guy” rides, I had to fight to keep my spot. That’s kind of where my racing hunger was realized.”


Lacrecia’s Polaris RZR isn’t pink because she’s a girl, it’s for breast cancer awareness. Raising money for the cause is something that she’s passionate about, in fact to show her support, her Polaris RZR is covered in names of those who have been affected by breast cancer.


In 2006, Eric and Lacrecia started Rockstar Custom Motorsports, where Eric builds race cars and does custom fabrication on all types of off road vehicles, particularly side by sides. “When side by sides came out,” Beurrier adds, “Eric began fabricating and building cages for people. I saw an ad in a magazine about the 2008 Powder Puff Race in Barstow, California, and told him that I would like to enter the race. I’m a full-time nurse, so the fact that all the proceeds went to breast cancer research made me want to do it even more. So he built me a Rhino and I placed 4th out of 10. We both became hooked after that. It’s definitely an addiction. He loves his part. He loves being the crew chief. He loves building race cars.”

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When she’s not racing, Beurrier works as a full-time Registered Nurse. She spends long days at the hospital and is just as committed to helping others as she is to racing. She does her best to balance the two. “It is definitely challenging. I was working in the emergency department where I worked for 12 years. So 12 hour days, 4 days a week, sometimes 5, makes it very challenging to make it to races. However, my coworkers understood my passion. I worked for them when they needed some days off and they never failed to work for me when I needed some days off. I just recently moved to the cardiac Cath lab where I have more free weekends. So hopefully that will get a little bit easier.”


Chris Moore, Beurrier’s co-driver and Social Media Manager for DragonFire, explains how she became one of the only two drivers that are factory sponsored by DragonFire. “I met Lacrecia in 2010, back when she was racing that RZR 800 in the sportsman class. One thing that stood out to me is that their entire family does this, it’s not just her, and it’s not just her and her husband. It’s literally their entire family. Her dad, Eric’s dad, everyone who has anything to do with the family chips in. It was a realization in my eyes that this would be a good fit for DragonFire, so we started sponsoring her. The sport of UTV is intended to be a family sport. We just thought, why can’t racing be the same? It’s a fun time to have them on the team.”




Beurrier’s Rockstar Race Team is comprised of her husband and Crew Chief, Eric Beurrier, her 14-year old son Trevor, and both of Trevor’s grandfathers. Trevor loves racing just as much as his parents do. “Trevor has been involved in riding and racing his whole entire life,” Beurrier proudly gushes. “He’s an extremely valuable member of our crew. He’s the tire and wheel guy. He does all the beadlocks and he even does them for other racers. They bring us their tires and wheels and he puts them together, charging $10 dollars a wheel!”

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“That’s kind of the cool part of working with someone like Lacrecia and Eric,” Moore adds. “They weren’t the very first, but they were some of the very first to race side x sides, and to start building them in general. As far as experience is concerned, there’s really not a more experienced UTV team. They’ve been racing for as long, if not longer, than everyone else who is racing Best In the Desert right now.”



So what’s next for Lacrecia Beurrier and her team? “My son wants to co-drive a little bit so we’re probably going to put Eric with him in the car to get him some experience. We’re definitely going to race for 2016 but right now we’re just letting it all sink in. These last couple of years of getting so much media attention, then winning the championship this year, and on top of that, being factory sponsored by Polaris and Dragonfire, is all huge.”


And as for the DragonFire sponsorship, Chris Moore makes one thing very clear, “Lacrecia Beurrier and the Rockstar Racing Team will be part of Dragonfire and Dragonfire Racing, for as long we can have them.”


For more information about Lacrecia Beurrier and Rockstar Custom Motorsports visit www.rockstarcustomz.com

For information on the Best In the Desert racing series visit www.bitd.com

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