Traction is key when it comes to reaping the best ride experience the planet has to offer. There are several ride styles like mudding, duning, trailing, racing, and climbing; you name it and some one has done it.

On the other hand, you have those that use their cars for farming, property management, and construction. That in itself requires a tire that can withstand the weight of heavy equipment. Especially, when the terrain is a little iffy. Again, traction and strength are key.



Falcon Ridge Stepping Up Their Game

Falcon Ridge, an industry leader in UTV accessories, is vastly known for sxs cab enclosures, wheels, and windshields. However, recently they decided to offer up their take on side-by-side tires. These unique designs provide the right traction for nearly any ride demands.


Why are target designs important?


  • Sticks to everything causing a loss in traction
  • Requires thick self-cleaning lugs for optimize performance
  • Needs side treads that dig into ruts


  • Require extreme grip
  • Must have superior sidewall protection
  • Should have a puncture-resistant carcass

Packed Surfaces:

  • Needs a large contact patch
  • Tolerance to high speed
  • Requires lugs closer together



Knowing what you want?

Once you’ve determined your favorite ride style it’s time to choose a tire. The Falcon Ridge UTV tires have excellent tread patterns for superior traction on multiple terrain surfaces. We know you are all about getting the most out of your ride, so let’s pick these tires apart to see which kit will meet the mark.


Falcon Ridge Vanquish A|T 8 Ply Tire 


  • Manufactured for excellent performance on intermediate to hard packed surfaces
  • Utilizes FalconClaw sidewalls that are designed to protect against trail obstacles
  • Self cleaning tread pattern engineered for a smooth ride
  • 8 ply construction with 1/2 inch tread for better puncture resistance and higher load rating

The Vanquish all-terrain tires consist of heavy-duty rubber compounds with half-inch treads to improve puncture resistance and durability. This reliable construction also increases the load rating. In addition, Falcon Ridge includes exclusive FalconClaw sidewalls that offer protection against rogue limbs and other trail debris.

> This is the kit you get when you enjoy riding on all types of terrain conditions.

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Falcon Ridge Cougar 729 Radial 8 Ply Tire 


  • Truck inspired tread pattern
  • Smooth ride quality on many different surfaces
  • Manufactured for excellent performance on intermediate to hard packed surfaces
  • Large contact patch for superior traction and durability
  • 8 ply radial construction with 17/32 inch tread for better puncture resistance and higher load rating
  • Rim guard shields rims from damage

When it comes to a heavy-duty sxs tire, the Cougar 729 takes the cake. The tire includes truck inspired tread patterns that offer a smooth ride on mud, packed surfaces, and intermediate surfaces. Falcon Ridge designs the off-road tire with a large contact patch that greatly increases the strength and durability.

> This is the set you get for more grip and traction on all terrain types.

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Falcon Ridge 723 Radial 6 Ply Tire


  • Heavy duty 6-ply radial construction for a smoother ride over a variety of trail surfaces
  • Engineered to provide excellent handling for more control and confidence in dirt, mud, rock and sand
  • Heavy duty sidewalls and shoulder lugs to help prevent punctures and wheel damage in harsh conditions
  • Excellent all around traction
  • Directional tread pattern that allows mud and dirt to easily flow between lugs for optimized traction


The 723 tire is a UTV accessory that also can be considered an all-terrain tire. Whether you are tackling chores or hitting the trails, the ATV tire offers quality traction and a smooth ride experience. Falcon Ridge forms the set from durable rubber compounds and heavy-duty sidewalls and lugs. The treads are directional to further increase grip by allowing mud and dirt to flow through the lugs.

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That’s a wrap

Having the right set of tires for your make and model is crucial to ride experience. So, if you find yourself sitting on the sidelines because your bike isn’t battle-ready with traction action, it’s time to get your purchase on. These Falcon Ridge ATV and UTV tires offer the grip you need to get the ride experience you want.

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