And then there was this. The 2021 High Lifter Mud Nationals was invaded by Monsters of the South. These bad boys decked out some rigs and hit the pits like they owned ’em. Mud Nationals is the year’s much-anticipated event featuring honey holes for days with peanut butter obstacles that would make any mud enthusiast as giddy as a schoolgirl. It’s no wonder Thumper Fab wanted all up in the grit to show off their high-quality goods.


Thumper Fab blasted the Powersports community in 2019 with the intention of “shaking up the industry.” Boy, did they! To say they produce durable UTV parts and accessories is the understatement of the century. Not only are these components buggy-busting resistant, but some are spruced up in advanced technology like the audio roofs complete with surround sound LED kits. Some other Thumper Fab greats include the bolt-on subframe stiffener and built for battle bumpers.


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