Polaris RZR side by side UTV


If you’re the proud owner of a side by side UTV, you probably like to live life on the wild side. Speed, off-road action, and the roar of a powerful engine are your favorite things, and you don’t shy away from a little bit of dangerous recreation. However, the last thing you want to do is to have to sit out from enjoying some muddy adventures while your broken arm heals in a cast, so safety is still important. This goes doubly so if you have kids old enough to drive as well. In order to ensure that your side by side outings will stay safe and fun, here are some tips for customizing your vehicle for safety.



One of the first UTV parts and accessories you should look into is a quality racing harness. When you’re racing down a muddy track, you’ll probably end up sliding all over the seat at high speeds. Not being properly secured to your seat can be dangerous. Just clicking on a seatbelt won’t do, especially if you’re moving at high speeds. You’ll need to install a good racing harness that will keep you safely secured inside the vehicle at all times.


Lighting Systems

Off-road tracks can be hazardous terrain, and hidden dangers can lurk at every turn. While your side by side will conquer most obstacles without much effort, a major hole or an obstruction in the track can seriously damage your vehicle. At the very least, it can add precious seconds onto your racing time. Help keep an eye out for road hazards with a good roof-mounted lighting system. This will help you watch out for hazards at night or in a darkened woodland area.



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