DSC_0748With the return of warm weather and long sunny days, there’s no better time to pull your side by side vehicle out of the garage and take it for a spin. Putting the following tips into practice will help you stay safe on your side by side vehicle all summer long.


Start off the summer season by equipping your UTV with essential side by side accessories like windshields, bumpers, doors, cages, new wheels, or lights. These accessories can help you operate your UTV more safely in the dark or protect you in the event of a crash. Additionally, to shield yourself from the elements and any debris, equip your UTV with a resilient cab enclosure.


When looking for ways to include more people in UTV excursions, allowing passengers to ride in the vehicle’s bed may seem like a good idea. However, if you unexpectedly hit a rock, pothole, or groove, these passengers could be violently ejected from the vehicle or thrown into the front seat. While the bed may seem like the perfect place for additional passengers, various safety hazards ensure that it’s not worth the risk.


Robert Brown Blog Pic3When operating a side by side vehicle in an outdoor setting, safety should be foremost on your mind. Although the return of summertime brings an abundance of opportunities to enjoy your UTV, it’s imperative that side by side enthusiasts take measures to ensure their safety. Find side by side accessories to make your riding experience that much better today!


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