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In order to keep your side by side vehicle functioning like new, you’ll want to show it some TLC every now and then. After all, you put your ride through a lot each and every time you take it for a spin, so the least you can do is make up for it with proper care and maintenance! When you perform the following routine check-ups and care practices, your side by side will thank you! Ok, maybe it won’t – but it sure will run a whole lot nicer time after time!

Oil and coolant – Be sure to regularly check the oil and change it every so often. The same goes for the engine coolant. Much like your car, these help keep your UTV motor running smoothly. Check your oil and coolant in between every five rides or so.

Spark plugs – As the spark plugs wear away over time, your ride’s performance may begin to decline. New spark plugs will give it the power to run in tip-top shape!

Battery life – In order to save on battery replacement costs, try putting the battery on a trickle charger when your side by side vehicle is not in use.

Tire Pressure – To make your tires last longer, be sure to properly inflate them. Low tire pressure can result in catastrophe while out on the trail. Play it safe and monitor the air pressure before and after each ride.

While these steps may seem so trivial, in the grand scheme of things they play a huge role in the performance of your UTV. In order to prevent problems from escalating, consider these procedures!