A UTV, otherwise known as a side by side, is a durable four-wheel-drive off road vehicle designed for driving over rough terrain. UTVs are called side by sides because they’re wider than ATVs, allowing for side by side seating. Whether you’re a hobbyist taking your UTV out for a spin in the mud, or someone who needs to haul cargo over rough conditions, UTVs are extremely durable and versatile vehicles with many applications.

In order to keep your SxS in proper working condition, there are a few maintenance tasks you should perform regularly. These will help keep your vehicle in prime condition, preventing the possibility of you getting stranded out in the snow.

Use the Right Tire for the Job
UTVs have a wide range of tire options, and you should keep some different kinds of tires in your stash of UTV parts. For the summer months, you’ll need thick mud tires that will allow you to climb up muddy hills and dominate the dirt roads. On the other hand, during the winter it would be best to invest in some high-quality snow tracks, allowing you to traverse the frozen terrain without sinking down into the snow.

It’s crucial that you use the right tire system, otherwise you could end up getting stuck and needing to make an embarrassing call for help.

Check Your Skid Plates for Cracks
You should absolutely install some skid plates to protect the underbelly of your side by side, especially since you’ll be taking it into some pretty unforgiving terrain. It’s a good idea to periodically check these plates for cracks as well, to ensure that they’ll be strong enough to withstand the kind of punishment they’ll be getting out on the road. The last thing you’ll need is for a skid plate to fail and expose your UTV to damage, to make sure they’re strong enough to stand up to shocks and potential damage.

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