From bloopers and serious sends to fun in the mud, sand and snow, we had quite the variety of videos in the month of May. Speaking of serious sends, be sure to check out video four and five. Video four is a little less serious; Stuff fan @thatoneslow67 even used a favorite character for some comic relief. Video five, however, seemed comical at first but gets serious; you’ll have to see yourself. As always we appreciate everyone who supports us and submits their UTV videos to us for a feature.

Submit your SxS video clip to us via Direct Messenger on Instagram, you might end up right here in our Top 10. Enjoy these videos in our Top 10 Instagram Video Clips from the month of May. 





Looks fun.


Heck yes.


Don’t try this at home. 


Sweet view.


Nice send.


Why not.



Don’t mind if I do.


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