When you’re good… you’re good. And from the looks at Ryan Taylor putting it down on this dusty track… it was good. He did what he does, and he did it well at the 2021 Finke Race that spans from Alice Springs to Finke, Northern Territory, Australia. How did he chase them whoops without a single tread disaster? Gang, he was sporting Method UTV wheels and tires, of course. Method Race Wheels is a proud sponsor of Team Taylor. Judging by the controlled handling on this loose, unpredictable terrain, he’s glad to have them aboard.


The crew at Method Race Wheels brings a whole new meaning to being committed to the offroad community. They are forever coming up with new and improved UTV rim designs that increase grip in all the right places. We’re talking about a patented Bead Grip technology that has revolutionized the game. Even beyond the function of their side-by-side wheels, the aesthetics are just as dope. Method Race Wheels has some of the most unique rim designs on the market, from super aggressive to more casual and classic. All we know is, we can’t get enough.


Get outfitted with an offroad rim that sports style and function with the durability to back it up. Shop Method Race Wheels at SideBySideStuff.com.