Race Pace Rear Smash Bumper for RZR and RZR-S

Race Pace Rear Smash Bumper for RZR and RZR-S

In our quest to find you the best in side by side parts and accessories, we came across the guys at DragonFire Racing. We’re now proud to offer a ton of their products on SideBySideStuff.com, but their Race Pace line is in particular, really awesome.

Designed to make racing parts accessible for all riders, the Race Pace line is something most riders have been waiting for. Plus, with the feedback we’ve gotten from our customers, we know that Race Pace by DragonFire Racing is a line of side by side parts that exceed all expectations.

One of their newest creations (and one of the latest additions to our store) is the Race Pace Rear Smash Bumper for the RZR and the RZR-S. Previously, Race Pace products were primarily for only the RZR XP 900. The front bumper fit both the RZR XP 900 and the RZR, but the rear bumper did not. Bummer, right? Well, not any more. With this new RZR bumper, the guys with a RZR can use Race Pace Back Bones and the Race Pace Spare Tire Carrier, not to mention, make their rides look even more awesome.

The Race Pace Rear Smash Bumper for the RZR comes in red or blank, is lightweight but sturdy (it’s steel), is hand-welded in the USA, and is easy to install, so there’s no worrying about welding or cutting. Just install and you’re ready to ride.

You can find the Race Pace Rear Smash Bumper in our selection of  RZR bumpers and other side by side parts at SideBySideStuff.com. Did we mention that we offer great pricing and amazing shipping deals, too? 🙂

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