When you turn 60, you probably have a huge party, right? When you’re Polaris and turn 60, you just start kicking ass and taking names with new makes and models of UTV.

Polaris has recently released its lineup of 2015 vehicles and it includes the RZR 900, RZR S 900, four seater and two seater Ranger 570s, the Sportsman XP 1000, the Sportsman ETX and the Sportsman ACE 570. Oh yes, and the SXS motorcycle hybrid, the Slingshot, which we had quite the debate about on our Facebook page. We’ll cover the Slingshot in our next post.

According to a press release from Polaris, the 2015 model year is all about improving on what people already love.

“Our founders established the Polaris brand 60 years ago on a culture of innovation. That culture continues today and is a driving force in Polaris’ ability to expand on our No. 1 position in powersports,” said Bennett Morgan, president and chief operating officer of Polaris, in a release.

“Our model-year 2015 lineup is evidence that we have never been stronger and have no intention of slowing down,” Morgan said. “We are once again introducing more new, innovative products and technologies to create opportunities for more growth in markets around the world.”

So what can people expect out of the 2015 model year? Well, for starters, you’ll see style upgrades and performance boosts in the new model years, plus innovations on the user side as Polaris looks to offer the widest spread of vehicles to match the widest audience of riders.

Here’s a rundown of what to expect in the 2015 model year from Polaris: