Polaris Vehicles

Even though Polaris is celebrating its 60th year of manufacturing, it’s FAR from retirement. In fact, when we think about who dominates the industry, Polaris is one of the names that instantly comes to mind. And heck, a lot has happened in those past 60 years!

Here’s a quick look back:

  • Polaris launched in 1954 with snowmobiles at the core of their business. During that first decade, they pioneered snowmobiles by actually creating models that WORKED.
  • By the 70s, Polaris had become a popular maker of snowmobiles and had a winning race team that swept quite a few races during this decade.
  • Then, in the 80s, the company had a turning point. It started rolling out ATVs in 1984 (some of the first!), launching into a new wave of activity. From snowmobiles to ATVs, Polaris was about moving forward and tackling any and all terrain.
  • By the 90’s, it wasn’t just snowmobiles and ATVs anymore: Polaris watercraft and Victory motorcycles starting popping up, and then, in 1998, something big happened: The Polaris Ranger was launched. This UTV set the stage for future models and market domination. The side by side generation was born.

Today, Polaris has a full fleet of vehicle makes and models, ranging from the sporty RZR XP 900 to the classic Ranger. It’s never been shy when it comes to innovation and we can’t wait to see what’s on the horizon for the next 60 years! (Oh, yeah, and of course you know we’ll be following  all of those awesome aftermarket Polaris parts and accessories makers right along with them!)

So, tell us: what’s your favorite make and model of Polaris vehicle?