We’ve said it before. We’ll say it again, common needs in the Powersports community are storage solutions, overhead protection, and UTV preservation. When you’re out partaking in breaking-bad adventure, experience is everything. This is one of the many reasons why Side By Side Stuff wants to showcase our appreciation for Rigg Gear USA and their quality aftermarket accessories. They offer practical, durable solutions to offroad enthusiasts of all types.

What we really want to know is how all this came about? The Powersports industry is ever-changing with demands that get more intense as riders gain the confidence to take their adventure one step further. Rigg Gear has not skipped a beat. Being enthusiasts themselves, they’ve rolled with it and continued leaving their fingerprint in the offroad community.



Who is Rigg Gear and what are they about?

Rigg Gear got neck-deep in the adventure in 1972. The family-owned and operated company began manufacturing aftermarket and OEM components for a variety of thrill-seekers. We’re talking cyclist, Powersports, Personal Water Crafts, and more. These guys and gals are all about adrenaline-seeking fun, which is what makes them an industry leader in the first place. They are a team full of enthusiasts who design for enthusiasts. This company is totally inspired by their own passion for offroad exploration.



Rigg Gear USA’s “STUFF”.

One thing the roadsters can’t get enough of is a good quality storage solution that can handle the way they ride. We couldn’t agree more as there is nothing worse than cabin chaos or having to do the trailing life without supplies. Rigg Gear has composed innovative UTV storage bags that truly meet any crusaders’ needs, as well as preservation accessories to keep your machine in tip-top shape. We can’t get over how unique each offroad accessory caters to different ride scenarios. Below, you’ll find a few that sent our imaginations soaring.


Rigg Gear Trunk Storage Bag

Up next, we had to give a shout out to the Rigg Gear Trunk Storage Bag for the Polaris RZR. Talk about versatile and functional. This SxS cargo bag brings a whole new meaning to compartmentalization. This thing looks like it could load half your house for one of those extra-long weekend excursions. We imagine an aggressive RZR ripping through the desert open throttle and all, with everything they need for the trip, securely tucked away in their trunk storage bag.


Rigg Gear 24 Pack Mountable Cooler Bag

Now this, Side By Side Stuff junkies, is where it’s at. This 24 Pack Mountable Cooler Bag is enough to send you into an offroad frenzy. Let’s just daydream about one of those hot summer days, rolling with our roady crew out exploring the outdoors. We all know stops are often, and laughter is a must.  Everyone is standing around enjoying a refreshment, watching the adrenaline zealot of the bunch, send it when they shouldn’t. Who isn’t stoked about this cooler bag!



72″ cover coming soon!

Rigg Gear Extreme UTV Covers

We’ve established your need for getting outfitted with a quality storage solution, but what about after the deed is done. Taking care of your buggy is the difference between a lifetime offroad experience and a temporary fix. These SxS accessories are made with the perfect balance between engineering and craft. These Rigg Gear Extreme UTV covers are arguably the most durably made UTV covers in the industry.


Rigg Gear Convertible Soft Tops

Rigg gear is much more than storage and cargo. They’ve also taken note that overhead protection and cabin preservation is equally in high demand. The UTV convertible tops are available for both RZR two-seaters and four-seaters. We all know how temperamental Mother Nature is, so these offroad tops are the bee’s knees. There are no restrictions like that of a traditional aftermarket roof. If Mother Nature is getting dramatic, you’re covered, but if she’s being rational, unzip that bad boy and enjoy the conditions.



Rigg Gear Rear Cargo Bag

Okay, let’s say you’re staring down the barrel of the most profound mud challenge you’ve ever found yourself in. Along with you on the ride are your cell phone, wallet, house keys, first aid kit, you know… the works. Would it not make more sense to keep those goods up and out of harm’s way? Of course, it would, which is why this universal side by side Cage Cargo Bag would make an excellent addition to any mud-slinging fanatic.


There are many more options available with the grit and durability we’ve come to know and love with Rigg Gear USA and their arsenal of aftermarket accessories. We would be here all night, going over all the impeccably made items that make ride adventure the highest quality it can be.



What we can expect.

Stay tuned offroad adventurists, Rigg Gear continues to work hard at bringing quality, innovation, and demand to the Powersports community. They have upcoming plans to bring numerous new SxS accessories to fellow roadies from their well-known product lines, Trails End and Hurricane. We don’t know about you, but we are super excited to see what comes next.


Nelson Riggs team said it right, “We know it – We stand by it – We ride with it too.” If you want to get outfitted with a trustworthy and reliable offroad storage bag or overhead protection. Get your clickers ready and tap the link below and get your purchase-on at SideBySideStuff.com.