Who didn’t reserve a little doubt when Polaris leaked, they were building a new rig? A better rig, more intense than any SxS the world has ever seen. A new generation of offroad performance, and this would be the first, the “one.” Though the thought piqued the interest of every offroad outlaw on the planet, you’ve got to question how they can outdo the RZR XP Turbo S. Well, they did. Now it’s time to experience the power of PRO!


The Polaris team of gear heads and engineers left nothing out with this design, from the interior to the exterior and everything in between. It’s so agile and smooth; in fact, Maxx Powell excitedly states during a rip “I don’t understand how you don’t flip it!”



This monster is a pure adrenaline fix peaking at 181 horsepower, its stance a solid 64-inches wide with usable travel of 20/22-inches and 14-inches of ground clearance!


Side By Side Stuff is stoked about this revolutionized ground-pounder. We can’t wait to see what the aftermarket world brings to the table for beefing up this buggy. Expect the unexpected with our RZR PRO XP parts and accessories because we know… you’ll be pushing that bad boy beyond abuse, and we want to help you do it.


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