Travis Allen of Paola, KS down at SMORR in Missouri a few years ago in his RZR XP. This hill, named Double Whammy, had at the time never been tackled by a UTV. It’s a 5-rated trail. Side-by-side virgin ground, if you will.

Now, most of us know that a hill on camera cannot accurately portray how steep said hill actually is. Travis gets straight up and down, and then in a second, all balance is gone as he flips over and lands back on his wheels. This calls for a “WooHooo!” moment (that was inside my own head, not in the video), and he’s back at it; no damage done, save for a couple dents in the aluminum top.

In case you’re wondering, he says he DOES eventually get to the top. That’s what it’s all about, conquering the hill. And having a blast getting there!

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