Who is ready to take a look at the Seizmik Embark Break-Away Side View Mirrors for UTVs? We are always thoroughly impressed with the side-by-side mirrors as Seizmik never disappoints. As a matter of fact, we can’t find a flaw. Not from the mounting process to the design elements. Everything is easy to use, offers great clarity, and is tough enough to withstand the test of time.

These aftermarket Powersports mirrors lack nothing from construction to function. For instance, Seizmik uses a shatter-resistant glass for the viewing surface itself. In addition, the unit has a convex design dynamic offering a wider point of view with image stability. If that isn’t enough, the convex shatter-resistant mirror is replaceable! 



Moving on to the durable housing, Seizmik continues with the built-for-battle build. Specifically, the sxs housing consists of impact-resistant thermoplastic known as ABS. Now, this heavy-duty material is no joke, perfect for any off-road travels. It’s super rigid and tolerant to the elements. Additionally, it’s corrosion, rust, and wear-resistant! Seizmik doesn’t stop there either. They include a high-impact full-perimeter bezel guard, also formed from high-impact plastic. It doesn’t get much more durable than this.

If you thought the strength ended there, you’re way wrong. Even the hardware is ready for terrain war. First, we’re talking 304 stainless steel hardware that is high-grade and corrosion-resistant. Then, low-profile clamps with the grip to get. Finally, a position tension adjustable bolt. Why is that significant? Because these off-road accessories can be re-tightened for a performance life like you will find nowhere else. These puppies will last for the long-haul gang. Up next, let’s dig into the installation process.


Mounting Up

We all know that installing anything can be a royal pain in the… Especially with sxs side mirrors and even more so when there are other Powersports accessories in the mix. However, that isn’t the case with these Embark breakaway mirrors. In fact, they have several engineering elements that make slapping on painless. For example, the low-profile clamping system. These units fit anything, and we mean anything with a 1.75-inch to the two-inch roll cage, including profit bars.

In addition, the product has multiple mounting options like vertical or inverted to maximize viewing range according to your demands. Plus, it’s totally rotational. Yes, move it how you’d like to work for you. Finally, as stated above, they will fit Can-Am, Polaris, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Kubota, Arctic Cat, John Deere, and more. Now, for our favorite part.


Industry Leading Warranty

These accessories, durable as all get out, have a killer warranty. They aren’t just kinda covered either, more like zero questions asked. Well, they might as some questions. Only because there are some pretty great “how I broke it” stories. In other words, it’s totally for entertainment purposes.

So, your cow can eat it. You can shoot it off the hinge. Maybe you ninja kick that sucker or go man-to-man against a bolder. Seizmik will simply send you what you need to fix it. They may even send an entirely new UTV mirror. Turbo Ted states, ” It’s been said before but deserves repeating – Seizmik doesn’t ask questions. If it breaks, they replace it! Can’t beat their company ethics…”

Who’s ready to get their purchase on? Shop Seizmik Embark Break-Away Side Mirrors for UTVs at SideBySideStuff.com.