Whether you use your side by side for work or for hanging out with your buddies in the back woods, chances are you will want to take it out on a nighttime drive at some point. Side by sides can own the trails day or night, but if you want to get the most out of your night drives, consider installing a few important add-ons to your side by side.

Lighting Systems
One of the most important side by side parts you can add to your vehicle for a nighttime excursion is a quality lighting system. Having enough light to see is important for any vehicle, and it’s especially important when you’re out in the middle of the woods.

With obstacles and hazards in your path, it’s extremely important that you’re able to see them with enough time to avoid causing any damage to your vehicle or running over something that could get you stuck. Make sure to get not just good headlights, but also a quality light-bar to affix to the roof as well, for additional visibility.

Cab Enclosures
If you’re out in the woods at all in warmer temperatures, you’re probably well aware of the pests and insects that seemingly take over the whole forest at night.

Insects like mosquitoes and ticks can carry deadly diseases, so it’s important to have a good cab enclosure to keep the little pests outside and away from you and your passengers. You’ll also lessen the chance that a branch will smack you in the face as your driving past it!



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