At Side By Side Stuff, giving our customers the best experience possible is our mission. One of our most recent customers, Kevin Dowdy, shared his experience with us. Thanks for the awesome feedback and for shopping with us, Kevin!

Here’s the email he sent us:

I have to say your customer service is FANTASTIC, and has given me the opportunity to raise the bar within my own organization.  I got a phone call the other day from someone on your staff, leaving me a detailed voice mail and THANKING me for my business, I wanted to call you all back and tell you how impressed I was but never got around to it. Then today I get in to my office and open an email with further information – JUST AS PROMISSED!

As a business owner in the technology business I work 20 hours a day , taking time to say thank you to a vendor or company I purchase something from is a real challenge. We process hundreds of POs and it is especially challenging  when I have 5 people at my door, 16 voice mails, 120 emails but you need to know I  was truly impressed The fact that they communicated in the first place amazed me but then they followed up as they said they would in the VM.  I am constantly asking my people to pick up the phone and do what your team did – I have never had this type of response and communication  from any order much less one entered on-line. I am truly Wowed and have every intention of playing the voice mail and showing this email to my staff on Monday in our Company meeting.

This kind of customer service really differentiates you from every other company I have purchased from and I will be back and I will recommend you to all of my riding buddies!

Kevin A. Dowdy

perITech Solutions