Terry Dick
New Castle Co.
2014 Polaris
RZR XP4 1000_DSC2498-as-Smart-Object-1resized


One of the things we love about going to rallies is the chance to meet some great people. I am always impressed with the camaraderie that takes place between the UTV enthusiasts that attend the events. The chance to take a side by side out onto the trails is great but having the chance to hang out with old friends as well as make new friends is what a rally is all about!

We attended the 2014 Rally on the Rocks event in Moab, Utah this year and had a chance to get in some great riding and see part of this great country that we had not had the chance to see before. The weather was great, the riding was fantastic and Rally on the Rocks in Moab offers views that were second to none; however the real treat was meeting some of the great people in attendance.

Today’s featured ride in the lifted 2014 Polaris RZR XP4 1000 monster owned by Terry Dick from New Castle, Colorado. We ran into Terry while he was assisting another vehicle with mechanical issues on the trail. We stopped to see if we could offer assistance and immediately noticed Terry’s tricked out brand new Polaris RZR. Terry explained to us how he had just done a whole vehicle overhaul because he loved to take his rigs out in the dunes to get some serious air so a few upgrades were in order.

Terry’s 4 seat RZR had a brand new TMW chopped roll cage giving his Polaris a 6 inch lower roof line and integrated rear bumper. He had installed 32” by 10” wide STI Rocktane tires onto a new set of STI HD Beadlock rims. HCR Racing had just finished up installing their RZR XP4 1000 long travel suspension kit on his rig giving him an 8” wider stance as well as a 4” longer wheelbase giving it a supper tough look. King Off-road Racing coil over shocks were mounted in all four corners giving him a plush suspension capable of hitting big jumps with ease. Along with the HCR suspension came an upgraded set of Summers Brothers Racing extended axles capable of handling the XP4 1000’s high horsepower.

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Terry was nice enough to take us to the sand dunes and do some jumping so we could see first hand how well his rig handles and we were impressed! Even after catching some serious air, the take off and landings were very smooth and very controllable. With the ground clearance this RZR has, I can only imagine how well it does in the rocks. We really appreciate Terry taking the time to show us around his XP4 1000 and show off his jumping skills. Guys like Terry and his friends are what make side by side rallies so fun!