One of the first UTV accessories avid trail riders should invest in is a quality winch. It is an essential tool that will keep you riding longer by providing a way for you to be rescued. Finding yourself in situations where you get good and stuck in the mud are one of the inevitable realities of trail-riding.


Combining Forces with Other Trail Riders

When you are maneuvering through sand, mud and water, you can expect to encounter places that challenge even the best UTV mud tires. You will likely find yourself stuck for a few hours if your only plan is to push the vehicle that weighs over a thousand pounds to safety.

With a winch and another rider nearby, you can combine forces to free your UTV from being stuck in a ditch. Get those UTV mud tires spinning and build some momentum as you work your way free from a rut. In addition to offering a solution when you are trapped, you can use your winch to help other riders that get stuck.

Nothing builds comradery quite like lending a hand and rescuing a neighbor out on the trail. Proper riding etiquette means being a Good Samaritan and not speeding past stranded riders. As you stick together and come to the aid of fellow riders, you can take on riskier terrain without worrying that your ride will be cut short.


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