Riding in the Mud? Yep. Sand? Yep. Hardpacked and rocky terrains? Of course. On the roads? For sure. Then you’re looking for a great all around tire to ride on just about any type terrain and are as comfortable, and not to mention legal, to hit the streets. Well, look no further, the DOT approved Tensor Regulator A|T is a great choice.

We took a trip to the west coast to visit a few vendors and made it a point to stop in Compton, California to visit our friends at Tensor Tire. We got with Chris McKendry, Tensor’s creative manager, to get the scoop on one of their most popular tires: the Regulator A|T.

The first tire offered by Tensor, the Regulator A|T is a DOT approved, 8-ply all-terrain tire featuring a duel steel belted, radial design.  Its variable pitch tread pattern helps to improve cornering and gives it a smooth and quiet ride on hardpacked surfaces. Modeled from a light truck tire design, the Regulator performs great on hardpacked surfaces and soft terrain like mud and sand.


  • 8 ply radial construction
  • Nylon reinforcement layer
  • Steel belted inner and outer bead
  • DOT approved
  • Tread design off truck tires
  • Variable tread pattern for smoothest, quietest ride possible
  • Deep tread lugs on shoulders give you improved cornering traction
  • Wider footprint for enhanced handling and braking
  • All terrain tire
  • Speed rating is R(106 mph)
  • Tread depth of 19/32″ deep
  • Max air pressure of 32 psi
  • Minimum rim width suggested is 6″ and maximum suggested is 8.5″


Purchase your set of Tensor Regulator A|T tires today, just visit SideBySideStuff.com.


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