So, it happened. After taking plenty of chances, taking corners at high speeds and roaring over rough terrain, you’ve finally had your first side-by-side crash. It’s tough not to get bummed when you look at the banged-up frame of your beloved side-by-side. Luckily, it’s possible to get your side-by-side back into working condition quickly after a crash. You can even use this situation to install new UTV bumpers and other replacement parts that will make your side-by-side better and stronger than before.

Check Your Bumper

After any kind of a crash, one of the first things that you should do is to check the state of your UTV bumpers. It’s more likely than not that your bumper is cracked or at least banged up pretty badly. A cracked bumper can create all kinds of problems for your ride. On top of that, it looks pretty ugly, too. Make sure to get yourself a strong replacement bumper for your ride. While you’re at it, you can install some high quality winch and hitch systems as well. Next time, you will be prepared to haul cargo or pull yourself out of the mud if you get into another crash.

Scraped Doors

Depending on how you crashed, you probably banged up your doors pretty well.  It’s important to get those replaced. A busted up door can end up being difficult to close securely, which can create a safety hazard when you take it out again. Plus, it just looks embarrassing. Make sure to get some strong, high-quality doors that are lightweight enough to not be a drag on your ride.

Crashing happens to even the most experienced riders. It’s a natural part of taking your vehicle into hardcore off-road conditions. It’s up to you to make repairs and get back out on the trails.



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